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Medication & How to Maintain your Spirituality


     I've written articles about my theory as to why so many of us with magical background/abilities have chronic diseases. Many of us are on some form of medication to help us battle these horrible diseases. I personally battle Multiple sclerosis and chrones. Ive had arthritis since I was young so 30 years into it the pain has become something I've gotten used to. 

     During my diagnosis process for my MS doctors put me on all sorts of medication. From anti-seizure  medication, migrane meds, stool softeners to pushing me towards botox injections. I was a lab rat. Sleep meds, allergy meds, pain meds, mood stabilizers, hormone replacement, high salt diet, no sugar, no meat, no carb. You name it they tried it. All the while subjecting my body to stress tests, spinal taps, flooding my body with radiation and even more chemicals than before. During that time (a short 8 months) my spirituality sank. My depression excelled and my mood was shot. My body was struggling to just keep up with the constant influx of new chemicals. There was no space for it to keep up spiritually too. 

     As you may know our bodies receive signals all the time. When we're cold we shiver. That is the brain telling us to put on a sweater. Spiritually we receive signals too. they aren't always a clear shiver, but if you can listen to your body you can learn to pick up the clues your body is sending you. How ever medications can dampen your spiritual signals. Take for example meeting someone for the first time. I usually see a color around them. A persons aura is something not everyone can see with out work. You have to receive signals and fire off the responses for you to be able to see them. 

     While on these insane meds my ability to read people vanished. I could barely see auras, my pendulum started giving me a lot of maybe's and my tarot reading were scattered at best. Not knowing if this would be the new normal for me I began to panic. My magic, my spirituality is a very large part of who I am. I had to find a way to get it back. 

     Meditation was almost as hard it was when I first started. however I kept pushing thorough. Slowly it became easier. (meditation is something I strongly suggest for everyone) Once I was able to get into my meditative state decently, I began just shuffling one one of tarot decks. I did this almost constantly. Once they began to feel normal and responsive in my hands I vegan my pendulum work again. It took me six months to regain my ability to see auras again. Still to this day I have to really focus to see them properly. 

     Medication is literally a life saver. I am not encouraging anyone to go against medical advice or to stop taking your medications. DO NOT STOP YOUR TREATMENT PLAN WITH OUT TALKING TO YOUR DR FIRST. 

     If you are taking medication daily for any reason try to boost your spirituality. Ways you can do this are simple and cost little to no moneny. The easiest way to connect spiritually is meditation. It may seem silly or impossible to some but meditation is the keystone to a large majority of many cultures spirituality. Meditation helps your mind oquiet down, your heart rate, blood pressure and  breathing slow down. While in the throws of meditation you are more open to receive signals spiritually. Signals/ signs you may have missed otherwise becoem bat signals after a couple successful meditations. (if ou are having difficulty meditating try the App called calm. th eguided meditations on that app are amazing ) You'll also find a connection to yourself that is stronger than before. This is imortant because it makes you bery aware of all the things happening in your body. This will help Dr's get you the right treatment. 

     Take time out for your favorite divination tool. For me it was tarot. I spent days caring around my deck of cards and focusing on them. To this day that deck is more spot on than other deck I own. The cards were charged by me and with every powerful/ meaningful reading I pulled the more confident I  got. When you're sick confidence and the ability to see the end is immensely important to healing. 

     Crystals became something I relied on more. Especially with all the side effects from the changing meds. Working with my stones not only helped my side effects it made me feel more connected. Crystals and stones do help with a laundry list of issues. BUT they are no substitute for a medical professionals help and care. 

     Reading books related to witchcraft and pagan spirituality helped me in more ways than one. When you read even fiction your brain is learning. I figured if I am struggling then my brain could use some help and worst case scenario, I learn something new. I suggest any magical book to help you keep your groove. Choose a book in a topic you enjoy ( ended up with a lot of books with flame in the tittle during my diagnosis)

     Last but not least, spend some tiem with other spiritual beings. If It werent for my coven (which is spread all over the country) keeping me in the loop and being there for me I'd be worse for wear now. My coven really helped me feel balanced again. Never be afraid to reach out. Ask for help!

     Medications are important. With out them there are disastrous diseased and illnesses that have serious side effects. Even now I take a natural vitamin and supplement to help with my MS. Biotin, the stuff that helps keep me mostly alright. 

     How ever you choose to help your spirituallity grow and florish, know you are not alone. Never stop fighting. You are strong and brave. You can do this. You deserve happiness and you deserve to live your craft how you choose. What ever your battling with we are here for you. Always. 

~Accalia Esme.


Altar Broom DIY


    I have a mini witch in my home. My daughter is always trying to be more grown than her physical age. It's been this way since she was born. Sometimes its a headache, but often I love it! Her ideas and commentary are a bucket of awesome!

     She is always very creative. While sitting outside with me she started picking up pine needles.  My little witch hands them to me and with a serious face says, " you should make something with these." and walks away to chase grasshoppers. Naturally I tried a couple different ideas before deciding to the altar broom a go. 

    Shes seen the large brooms I make and shes always wanted one. So I figured why not give it a try. I went inside to gather the following items: 

Pine needles 

1 wooden dowel 

Hot glue gun with hot glue sticks



I plugged in my hot glue gun while sorting the needles by height. I wanted the smallest on the inside and the longest on the outside/ top. Once my glue gun was ready  I began attaching each cluster of pine needles one at a time about one half and inch from the end of the dowel.  Each time I finished one row I'd start a new one right above it. For the size broom I was making 5 rows were plenty. (Please be careful using the hot glue gun the needles can get very hot and the glue tends to push through the needles)  When I was pleased with the fullness of the broom I coated the top 1/4 of the needles with hot glue. Ones this cooled down I trimmed all the bristles/ needles to make it all one length. After I was happy with it's fullness I chose a ribbon/ twine. There was no rhymn or reason to my choice. I just went with what felt like it was right. Today a green twine called my name. Taking a small dab of hot glue and attached one end of the twine to the top of the glue. Simply following the glue down the needles. When I finished I wrapped the dowel in the same twine. I had some scraps that were too short so I decided to use them to make a bow. 

    When the besom was all finished I used a simple blessing or prayer to consecrate it before giving it to my daughter. Cleansing should be done before gifting and when you get something for an altar. 

    Altar besoms are not for flying. The do a great job of cleansing the top of your altar as well as actual cleaning. (ashes and crumbs or left over herbs after a spell) 

I know my mini witch has used it to clean as well as decoration. You can add beads and feathers. No matter what you use it for just have fun making it! Let your creativity flow! 

~Accalia Esme


DIY Pendulum


I love working with my pendulums. They can offer straight forward answers to questions that are burning in my head. And some times it gives me answers to things I didn't even know that I had a question about! Purchasing a pendulum isn't that big of a hit to the cloak pocket. But I really enjoy making pendulums for those  who are close to me. It gives me a chance to personalize each one and really make it special for them. 

Pendulums are wicked easy to make and there are tons of options and ways that you can make your pendulum! I personally love the stone cage and chain method. You can purchase a wire cage online or at your local magical store.  Put the stones that reasonate the most with you in the cage. Then attach a chain or ribbon to the top loop of the metal cage. 

I also have made reading mats as well. This can be easily done with a piece of felt and some acrylic paint.  The directions that I use for divination on my pendulums are as follows. Up and down is yes, side to side is no, diagonal is usually unknown and round and round is maybe. 

 Be creative and play around with colors and designs for your answer pad. 

Please remember to consecrate and bless your pendulum before you use it for the first time or give it as a gift. Also remember to ask the pendulum to show you yes, no, maybe, and undecided. There have been a few times I've gone to read with my pendulum and it's shown me side to side as yes. So just make sure that your pendulum is in the same mood as usual. 

Happy divining! 

Accalia Esme


Midnight Margaritas


                With the hustle and bustle of everyday life we Witches can get pretty stressed out and it can be hard to relax! So I have a fun little recipe to aid in "de-stressing" if you will, after a long week or to get over hump day after the Monday or Tuesday blues! So we all know the fantastic movie Practical Magic right?, and the scene when they dance around making midnight margaritas?! Well have my own recipe for them but it comes with a twist!

Midnight Margarita Recipe:

Ingredients - 

- your favorite margarita mix

- 2 limes

- your favorite tequila ( I use Patron but whatever you like will work )

- margarita salt

- 1 tbsp of sugar

- sprigs of lavender

- ice cubes ( made of moon or blessed water )

- finally a very large margarita glass!! 

Directions - 

Mix all ingredients in a blender. Add the ice first then fill the blender about half way or a third of the way full with tequila. Next pour in the margarita mix; peel one lime and add to blender along with the tbsp of sugar. Finally add in the sprigs of lavender. Blend to desired consistency. You will need to cut the other lime in 4ths and rim to glass with lime juice and dip in the salt to rim the glass. The moon or blessed water ice cubes will help you sleep and relax in the energy of the moon. the lavender will help with this as well! Enjoy your adult Witchy drink dearies!!

~ Amaris Devona  


Welcome to Witchy Wednesdays!


Welcome Witches! Today we are going to introduce the section as well as give you a small thing I do every morning to incorporate magic in my day to day activities. 

We as witches and parents and just humans in general are always super busy! So finding time to focus on our craft and the magic of our path is really hard to schedule some times! For me every morning I set my alarm fifteen min early and when it goes off I lay there and meditate until the next alarm goes off. It's a good way to get a little centering and grounding to balance my day. It's also a really good way to get going in a positive place before we go out into the world with all of those crazy energies floating around. 

Meditation is a great way to get to check in with yourself. It can be hard to start out at the beginning but once you get the hang of it you can meditate while doing other things. This is a great way to get some magic in your day to day life. 

Gardening or even pausing to water a house plant counts as some thing magical in your day to day life. Talk to the plants. When you are spending time taking care of plants you are spending time taking care of earth! It's a wonderful way to connect with one of the elements every day! 

Finding ways to bring a little magic into your life can be really easy ! All you have to do is slow down for a few min and think creatively! 

There is nothing you can't do once you put your mind to it.

Be blessed~  

Accalia Esme


How to make your own dream catcher


Dream catchers are one of the most recognizable talismans around. Traditionally woven and placed over baby cradles to ward off spirits and bad dreams. Dream catchers have become a common in many homes, both magical and non magical. I personally have one in each bedroom in our home and one over the my altar. Buying a dream catcher can get very costly! However making your very own is fun and can take as little as an hour!  Here's how this dream catcher was made. 

Materials needed: 

Hoop (plastic, metal or wood, Metal was used in this dream catcher.) 

Yarn or ribbon 

Embroidery floss  or thread


Superglue. (optional) 


Charms or talismans 

Start by tying a knot on the top of your hoop leaving a sizeable tail. This will later become your loop to hang it. Once your knot is secure wrap the hoop tightly, overlapping slightly if using ribbon. If using yarn make sure each loop is touching. Tie off the end to the first knot and add a matching length of ribbon or yarn to make your hanging loop. Tie this off with a simple slip knot. 

For the web in the middle: 

There are many ways you can make the web in the center. I've even seen lace used. However for this one I used thread and doubled it up. Tie a knot of thread at the top. The same spot you tied your beginning knot for the wrapping. Look at the hoop like a clock. Take the thread from 12 to 4 and loop it around the hoop (I added a dot of super glue to make it stay in position) . Make sure you are keeping tension tight while you are doing this step. From 4 go 6 and repeat the loop. From 6 go to 8 and then back to 12. This should give you a good base or beginning to your web. You can do another round and go from 12 to 3 to 7 to 9 and finally to 11 if you wish. Take your thread or floss and loop through the line from 12 to 4. Then loop through the line from 4 to 6. Continue this process until you have the web you desire. 

Another way you can make the web is by looping the hoop around the outside instead of going through the center of the hoop. This give a completely different look and offers many other decorative possibilities.

Once you are satisfied with your web you can add the beads and or talismans. For this project I used super glue to attach the beads to the web and the supporting hoop. You can choose to slide beads onto your string as you weave your web if you would like them to slide. I chose to have them in place. 

To add the strands at the bottom I used parts of the ribbon yarn and strung beads on them. Making a temporary aglet with a piece of tape to the ribbon yarn made it easier for threading through the beads. Once the beads were strung the way I wanted I cut the ribbon yarn into varying lengths and super glued them to the back in the order I desired.  Adding a drop of superglue to the end of each bead strand will ensure that your beads don't fall off.  

That completes your dream catcher! From here you can bless it and give it as a gift or keep it for yourself! Know that there is no right or wrong web. It doesn't have to be perfect and symmetry does not have to be spot on. A web in a dream catcher is simply there to catch the bad dreams and the spirits. 

You can watch me make this dream catcher on my live tutorial on our Facebook page. Just follow the link below!

Thank you for joining us today! Until next Witchy Wednesday, Be blessed! 

Accalia Esme


Chakras and Crystals



We are full of energy. There are seven main points of the body where this energy harnessed. These are called chakras, they are aligned along your spine. It starts with the root chakra (standing the at the feet and sitting right above your bum), next sacral (at the navel), solar plexus (upper abdomen), heart (center of chest), throat ( self explanatory), third eye (center of forehead) and finally the crown (above the head). Maintaining your chakras is very important especially when it comes to your Magick! Chakras are tied to your emotions and physical situations. If your chakras are out of whack, your magick maybe too. Keeping them in line can help you connect mind body and soul. They can make you feel more grounded and centered the more love you give to them. A basic run down of what energy each chakra represents:
Root - confidence, grounding, basic trust, survival
Sacral - sexuality, creativity, passion
Solar plexus - power, wisdom, courage, compassion
Heart - love, healing
Throat - communication, truth
Third Eye - intuition, awareness, guidance 
Crown - spirituality, intelligence 
So we can align our chakras by laying down on your back and place a crystal/stone at each chakra that will help to amplify, rebalance and open said chakra. After each crystal/stone is placed lay there and meditate. Try to focus on your chakras and resetting. Or you can go to someone who practices raki, either way is fine. The stones will help rebalance each chakra are:
Root - red jasper, black onyx, fire agate, black tourmaline
Sacral - carnelian, orange calcite, tigers eye, bloodstone
Solar Plexus - yellow jasper, citrine, rutilated quartz
Heart - rose quartz, jade, rhodnite, green tourmaline
Throat - turquoise, lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue apatite

Third Eye - black obsidian, purple fluorite, amethyst 

Crown - moonstone, amethyst, selenite, clear quartz

Enjoy the alignment beautiful creatures!!

~ Amaris Devona

How I incorporate magic into day to day life



Beginnings of Greatness: Starting Your Daily Devotional Activities 

ATTENTION! Do you have problems that seem to be unexplainable throughout your day and you'd like to figure out a way to solve them? Well, sit right on down honey and let me tell you how to get started on this wonderful journey we call LIFE! Don't be confused, I'm not speaking to teenagers or babies…Sweetheart, I was 33, almost 34 years old before I even found these little gems of information that truly started an awakening on life. (Not this tidbit of information specifically, but there's so much out there that I hadn't uncovered until recently.) It's never too late to learn to open your heart and view life in a whole new perspective, you've just got to have the desire to do so. If you had never put the work into things you've already accomplished in your life, do you think they would have happened? I'm not so sure they would have turned out the same way as they did. 

     Now, let's get the start of your day out the way so that it will lay the path for the remainder to be greater than yesterday. Typically it's a good idea to find a morning prayer (sun salutation, meditation, whatever works for you) that will lay out a positive path ahead, so long as you maintain your vibrational status of balance.  The one I like to start with is shown here: I enjoy doing the yoga because, hello, it's limbering my body and that in itself is good at my age. LOL! But, I'm also focusing my mind on something other than 1000 thoughts that I can't fix or solve or heal at the moment. I gather my focus to my breathing and to center myself more. It takes time, no one just starts to meditate or do yoga and instantly gets it down. We're learning to focus thoughts, how to breath properly, how to guide our mind back to the here & now mind frame and what techniques work for us. Don't be discouraged if some things work great for your teacher but not for you. Maybe you just need a different approach to the same results honey. In the words of Seba Smith, "There's more than one way to skin a cat!" That holds true here, you don't need to kneel with your hands together in order to pray, just like you don't need to sit Indian-style just to meditate. Ask others how they connect with the Divine and go from there, add your own flare if it works for you. 

     However, some days my body just doesn't want to do physical activity so early, so I'll compromise with a few minutes of meditation to the Divine asking for protection throughout my day from negative vibrations of all directions. I'll imagine a bubble around me that starts to cover me with a pale blue shield from my head to my feet. Go over that one with another shield of pale pink and over that one with a shield of mirrors to reflect any negative energies sent my way to go back to the sender. Before someone comes along with the "blue and pink? Isn't white light supposed to be used for protection?" Well, this is another instance where the cat skinning comes in to play. Personally, I tend to absorb other people's energy as well as have problems voicing my own thoughts and feelings to people, I choose to use those two colors. Adding the blue, being that it's related to the throat chakra, it helps to bring out my voice while still protecting me. When adding the pink, it is essentially a soft, gentler approach in order to still be this soft soul I am and listen to others around me, without completely blocking out connection with a pure blocking white light. My final touch with the mirrors has been explained previously. Repeat the process of imagining your bubble (or bubbles) throughout the day to reinforce it's strength. 

     Alternatively, I like to refer to a prayer directed to Archangel Michael as found here:  

I've often just ran with a spur of the moment request to whomever I've felt the need to connect with. Most often, my go to is Athena. Not sure why yet but the connection started when I was 11 or 12. As I stated before, I'm not far along on my journey, so all my answers have not come to me yet, but I know that they are slowly unfolding to me in just the right time for MY personal journey, just as YOURS will unfold on your personal journey. It's different for everyone and leads us all on different roads to the same results. Just find your path, follow it truthfully, and shine bright! 

     After starting the day off with positive vibes and thoughts to get motivated, it's a good idea to write on a few pieces of paper. Nothing special really, just ramblings to clear unnecessary things out of the way for more necessary thoughts. Your computer runs smoother once you've cleared the cache, right? So why not go ahead and clear your mental cache so you may function smoother? These things take a bit of discipline to start and continue to do daily, so I'll leave you with these starter functions before we continue on to more things to do and ways to improve the view of this crazy place we live in. Writing frequently not only provides insight into things from another perspective, it helps you to focus on things you may not have noticed if your subconscious hadn't thrown it out there for you. 

     I'd also like to suggest that in starting a journey such as this, it's beneficial for a  journal to follow your growth. I started a notebook titled "Growth Book" and just started writing what I've done towards growth that day, what questions I asked the tarot/pendulum, thoughts and feelings from the past that weren't healed…anything I had to say. Then, I'd re-read it the next month and try to see if there was progress, typically there was a few changes that were noted. I found this page that was a good read for me, maybe you as well: 

If you're just now starting this journey, I welcome you to join us frequently for updates, guidance, knowledge, and more. I'm not much further ahead of you myself, so you shouldn't feel threatened by lack of experience amongst us. Don't forget to bookmark the home page, like your favorite posts and share us to your circle! :-)  

Be Love, Be Light!! 


The Magic in Animals


We all have a predilection to either cats or dogs. I personally love cats. Don't get me wrong. I love dogs. But  cats have a space in my heart that dogs just don't reach. I'm good with working with dogs and genuinely enjoy their company. With cats though I always feel a bit empty when I don't have one in the house. I have been this way since I can remember. 

I battle depression and anxiety and when I have a pet next to me I can literally feel the stress and fears melt away. Four years ago my familiar passed on unexpectedly. Since then I haven't had another join my home until recently. 

Our local no kill shelter was swamped with kittens that needed a foster home. By the grace of the gods my husband said it would be okay to foster. I went with the intention of bringing one home.  I came home with three. It was a bit of fun at first. Then they got sick. Its hard balancing three very young kittens and making sure they are gaining weight. But the joy of having these little fur balls in my home is a whole new light. I have realized in this foster experience that I miss with more than ever before thought, having a little feline in my home and more importantly my heart. 

It has been scientifically proven that animals lower blood pressure and heart rates.As well as help get us through depression and other mental health issues. However we don't really have a magical study on how they help us as magical beings. I have personally found since I got the kittens that my magic and my awareness of magical cues is heightened. I am not as drained energy wise when I perform some tasks for others when I snuggle with them first. Animals have a magic, a connection with the spirits that we can only imagine. I personally think that some animals are sent to us by the spirit to help us through emotional times, teach us lessons and guide us on our journey. If you have a pet or familiar at home, give them some extra love tonight. If you've been toying with the idea of getting a pet....don't wait. Do it. The magical gift of their unconditional love is so worth it. 

Accalia Esme