The Kiddy Cauldron

A place for parents to bring their kids for fun coloring sheets and games all pagan related. 

Parents will also be able to find lesson plans for children of all ages to help teach them about paganism in a way that young minds soak up and aren't mind numbing boring for our adult witches! 

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Learning Tarot


I have grown up watchng my mom read tarot. It always interested me.  When I was 5 my mom let me try her deck. It vibrated when I touched it. My first read, my mom tells me, was spot on. I kept shuffling them. It felt good to hold them.  

I started learning what each the cards meant with my mom the next week. It took me a while to understand the difference between a tarot deck and on oracle deck. But once I learned the difference i was able to read for my family with either one easier. 

Tarot tells a story and I like that. Its easier to follow the story and remember what they mean. I like the oracle cards more though. For some reason they call to me more. I also like how pretty most of the oracle decks are. 

I like that my mo m taught me how to do readings with tarot young. I know that when I get older I'll have a good knowledge of the decks and be more confident with readings. 

Summer Is Comming!


     The school year is ending and summer is comming! With the upcoming break from school my little magical ones are over the moon about sleeping in and playing video games "when ever we want" As a mom I am excited to not have to go through the battle of getting them up and dressed and out the door quickly every morning. ( I LOATH getting up early) However I also don't want my mini magical beings to be sitting all day every day infront of a screen.

    I have plans to go and do all of these super fun things all summer long! But lets be honest, I am  a student, and I own two businesses! Time is not as open as I would like it to be so we can go on all of these magical adventures. 

Instead I am looking at the realistic situation of summer. The kids aren't going to want to do much of anything for the first couple weeks. So during that time we can just rest. But I don't want them not using their noodles to learn! So during those two weeks we are going to learn about magical things! I will let them choose what area they would like to study ( personally I am hoping one of them says tarot cards) and we will spend an hour each day just learning and using what ever they want to learn more about. 

    I give the kids a choice on what they would like to learn over the summer. They still have to keep their writing and their reading and their math up to snuff but we can always find a way to include that in the things they would like to learn about. 

   So as summer approches, what have you thought about doing with your little magical ones? I'd love to hear! 

~Accalia Esme 


Welcome to the Kiddy Cauldron!

A message for the parents

As a mom of two school age children and a substitute for their school district I see a lot of holes in their day to day education. I supplement their education at home and not just the basic school house education. I also add in magical lessons. 

My children are from a blended home. My husband is atheist but was raised southern Baptist. I was raised to explore religion. Although I have a heavy Catholic side to me underneath my Paganism. But I raise my kids to explore what they would like to in regards to religion. 

Paganism doesn't have just one way to do  things. It's open for so many interpretations and different way's of doing things! No one way is right or wrong. Keep that in mind when working with your little Witches and wizards. 

Teaching anything should be fun for the teacher. ie: you. You should have fun teaching the material other wise the kids are going to be bored out of their minds learning it. Here on this portion of our page we will have teaching tools and pages available for you to copy and use! 

I firmly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to raise a magical child. We are here for you anytime  you have a question or concern! And we invite you to also join our facebook page as well! The witches daily cauldron for parents! 


I hope you enjoy the Kiddy Cauldron! And if there is anything you would like covered or any questions you need answered please don't hesitate to ask! 

Many blessings to you and your little ones!  

~Accalia Esme

Pooka Pages for Pagan Kids

Merry Meet you magical mommies and daddies! 

I thought I would share with you one of the pages I personally use frequently for kid friendly Pagan coloring pages and fun! 

There are tons of great coloring pages and some great stories on there as well. Please go check them out! I know my little witch loves going on there and looking for a new coloring page! We will have more content very soon so keep checking back in with us! 

Many blessings to you and yours! 

Summer fun


Our little witches are out of school right now for summer break.  So far we've kept busy as dance seasons are wrapping up and summer sports are winding down for a bit.  As a magical mommy there are so many more things I'd love to pass down.  I have books upon books of information/ readings of just about anything! I've always wanted to personally hand over the knowledge I've picked up over the years,  In the kiddie cauldron at beginning to teach kids, even the older ones at the magic just needs throughout. 

Being a mom is hard work! So to keep them learning and having fun! I'll post the first witches alphabet book coloring page up!

Try to stay cool this summer.  Check out our page daily for more kiddie cauldron fun! Until then faiethee well! 


Letting the Young Ones Write


My very inquisitive daughter (age 7) has been begging me to let her write articles for the Kiddie Cauldron. And while she is very advanced for her age. (Forth grade level for academia) I find myself a bit hesitant. So like all over bearing "tiger moms" (As my husband calls me) I told her to write me a rough draft, then told her to edit it and after pre-reading that draft (and providing corrections) I told her to give me her final draft. Hey college professors would do that too!  I was blown away all three times! Seeing her willingness to open about her path and how she chose to follow her path was an honor. 

In our home we have showed them many different paths, Christianity, Pagan, Wiccan, Jewish, Buddhist and even Jehovas Witnesses. I really wanted their beliefs to be theirs. Not something that we forced on them. My husband is athiest and his family is Southern Baptist. My son has decided he's Christian. So we honor his belief. But ever since my little girl was born she's talked to spirits and been more intuitive than I could ever imagine. I can't lie and say I am not proud of her decision to follow the pagan path. I am proud she followed her heart. So with out further to do here is my little honey bee's very first article. 

How I Found Out I was a Witch. 

By: Z age 7

My mom is a witch. She never told me I had to be a witch too. She showed me many different religions and explained any questions I had about them. The other religions are nice. Just not my thing. I always felt like I was hiding when I would go into churches. And my mom really tried to make it fun and exciting. It just wasn't me. I found my mom meditating one night. I stood there watching her for a bit. She smiled but didn't move. I kept thinking 'what is she smiling about? She's just sitting still!' But she looked really calm. She patted the floor across from her and with out opening her eyes she said "Wanna join me Z?" How? How did she know it was me? I sat down across from her and tried to sit like her. I moved a lot. But she was nice about it. When I finally got comfortable I closed my eyes like hers. She talked me through my first meditation. When I was meditating I saw an ocean. But there was a man in the ocean and he had a trident, like the one my mom has on her arm. He smiled at me, swam up to me and said "Hello daughter." I just knew it was Poseidon my God. For the first time I felt like I was supposed to be there. From then on I wanted to know all I can about wicca. See I'm wiccan and my mom is pagan. But she doesn't mind and neither do I. Because we love and accept each other no matter what.