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Tarot Tuesdays focus on the basics of Tarot, spreads, tarot card of the week, and deck reviews.

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How to Find Your Tarot Deck


   Each witch is different. We all have things that we prefer and things that we like. Tarot cards are no different. What deck may work for one of us may repell another. Finding the right tarot deck can be intimidating. But it doesn't have to be. 

    When I first traveled into the world of tarot I was young, around ten or so. It was my mothers deck and it didn't really make any sence to me. It wasn't unitl I was thirteen did I find a deck that I loved! It was an oracle deck and the pictures made my mind swirl and my arms tingled when I held the box.  I begged my mother for it.  It took me two weeks to save up allowance to go buy the deck myself. My mother covered the tax and even made sure to let the cashier know it was my first deck. The cashier was kind enough to hold the box and say "Lead her well. Bless her." I didn't realize it at the time but it meant a lot to me. My deck did bless me and did lead me well. 

There is a lot of difference in opinion when it comes to how tarot decks are to come to you, how you store them, and even how to read them.  There are books galore on how to handle and understand tarot. I, however have my own opinion. I have two smaller children. My little witch who's eight and my little wizard who is seven. My little witch is an avid tarot reader. Has been since she was 4 when she picked up my old first deck and gave me an accurate read with out the guide book. My little wizard prefers animal cards. And really just enjoys telling the story of those animals. Typically the story can be applied to the person he's reading for.  Some did not agree with my decision to allow my kids the access to my cards and even purchasing them their own decks. 

    Just like the difference in opinion with my children there are many different opinions with how a deck comes to you. Some will say that you should always buy your own deck. Others will tell you that you should only have your deck gifted to you. There are pros and cons to each side. Purchasing your own deck insures that you had a connection with that deck at that time for some reason. However your connection can be for reasons that have no bearing on the cards. Like monitary or availablity of decks. If someone gifts you a deck you can be sure that it will bless you in unknown ways. But you may not connect with the deck as solidly as you'd like because you didn't have a say in its arrival to you.  

I am of the opinion that how ever you feel is the best way for you to recieve the joys of the deck is the way that works for you. There is no Tarot police that will come and slap your hands for doing it wrong, becasue there is no right or wrong way to get a deck. Unless you are trying to steal it.....that is a crime and it is wrong. You will go to jail for theft and if you get away with it that deck will bring bad luck on you. 

    Storing tarot decks is a unique process as well. How I store my decks varies between the original box, a zipper bag, a hand sewn silk pouch, or a rubber band. There isn't one way to store your cards. I listen to my deck when I introduce myself to the deck. Your cards will tell you how they want to be stored. Follow your intuition and your cards will be happy. 

    Reading your cards is a personal choice on method. In my coven I have some who read on silk mats, some who have tarot layout maps they use, and some who just read where they are. I personally read where ever I am. I make sure that the surface I am placing them on is clean and not going to harm my cards but other than that, they get read where ever I am and when ever I am moved too. There are a million ways to read a deck, as long as you are respectful to the deck you should have no problem delivering a good read to yourself or others. 

    I have books on tarot. I have done research until my fingers and eyes fell off. No amount of research was as instructional and educational as just spending time with my cards and the book that came with them. There is nothing wrong with doing tarot research. I love my tarot books! And teaching those who are green about tarot, the books are instrumental to explain how it works! You don't need books though. You just need your deck and your intuition. If you follow your 'gut' you'll bond with your deck and your reads will be more personal than you orignally thought. 

    Tarot is one of my favorite mediums. The cards will give you the answers you don't always want to hear. And sometimes that message that you were ignoring makes you address situations that you would otherwise ignore. Tarot can help those lost in the dark find their way. But most of all, tarot is just a tool of your own intuition. Spirit and your intuition work together to give you the read you pull. It's fun and it's interesting. But like all tools in our craft, it does not define our path. If you don't like the path the cards are saying you are on or will be on, you have the ablity to change it. Nothing in magic is set in stone. Tarot is no different. It changes just like we as humans do. 

~Accalia Esme 

Oceanic Tarot Review


Oceanic Tarot By Jayne Wallace

78 card deck 

Basic major and minor arcana. Beautifully colorful cards. Each person usually depicted in Tarot are represented by a skillfully drawn mermaid or merman. Deck includes a full illustrated and in color book. The explanation of the cards are clear and positive even when the message of warning or bad news. 

     I personally enjoy the positive phrasing in the deck. There is no reverse in this deck. There is the explanation and then an advice section as well. The advice section is like your granny telling you what to do in a difficult situation 

    This deck is great for beginners and well seasoned readers as well. The deck can be purchased for $18.95 before tax in the US. You can also find it in your local book store or online at 


Tarot of Sacred Feminine Review


This Deck called to me from across the room at my local spiritual shop. Once it was in my hands the buzzing stopped. The deck was written by Florenana Nativo. The 78 card deck with standard major and minor arcana, comes with a card sized book. The languages available in the booklet are English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese. Each card is given a line or two description. Which often leaves me more confused or asking more questions rather than providing answers. 

The cards of this deck shuffle wonderfully! The card stock is a great weight. Each card has hand drawn design. Almost all the images are Egyptian in nature. While I wish the descriptions/ ex[explanations of each card were longer and more in depth, I enjoyed the deck. This deck would be a great one for personal interpretations. I do not recommend this deck for beginning or intermediate readers. It is a good deck to do reading for others with. The freedom of description allows your personal feel and take of the images the ability to shine through.  

My copy of this deck may become a gift or may remain a part of my library for visitors to attempt to use. 

The deck is beautiful! If you ever get a chance to try it please do! 

~Accalia Esme


Celtic Dragon Tarot Review


                    For this week's edition of tarot Tuesday I am going to be reviewing The Celtic Dragon Tarot deck. This deck is my partner's deck so I haven't worked with much, but I will read with the deck from time to time and for the most part it is a good deck. The Celtic Dragon deck was given to him by our high priestess Accalia Esme, so that makes it a little more special. This deck was written by D.J. Conway and illustrated by Lisa Hunt. I absolutely love D.J. Conway, I have many of her books and I truly admire her style of writing.  The deck is very unique in that it draws the energy of the dragon into the reading and shows you how to infuse your Magick with Irish and Celtic Magick. The artwork on the cards is stunning and many of the pictures draw elements from old Celtic lore. The card stock is sturdy but yet still easy to shuffle; the cards don't stick together so that is a plus. I really enjoy the book that comes with the deck, its paperback and has all kinds of different spreads that you can use to enhance the power of the deck. The book also tells the reader how you can use this particular deck for mediation and candle Magick. One thing that is not ideal about this deck is that it has a particular tendency to be very negative and the readings can be quite harsh. You defiantly have to have the skin of a dragon to work with this deck.   

~ Amaris Devona


Tarot of Pagan Cats Deck Review


I found this deck between two books that were totally not pagan at all in nature at my local book store. Since my first familiar was an all black cat I figured it was a sign. That and the deck made my hand feel like it was on fire. Tarot of the Pagan Cats was my third deck. I believe that life comes in three's. This deck definitely had some messages for me for a time. It was very clear about what was going on in my life and what I needed to do.  

This 78 card deck is really reasonably priced. The cards are really pretty. And for a cat lover like myself I really enjoy seeing the cats in different situations. 

The card stock is a nice weight. Megdelina Messina and Lola Airaghi made the cards simple to read. The book that was included with the cards is a straight forward. There are many books that lead you on a journey with a story. Tarot of Pagan Cats is at most a sentence for each card. The simplicity of the deck lends itself very nicely to new readers and experienced readers as well.
My daughter who's 7 can get great reads from this deck! 

We often talk about if a deck is friendly or not when discussing the temperament of  decks. I had a deck that hardly anyone could read. It refused to allow anyone to read it. Until Lady Dragonwolf, she picked up the deck and shuffled it with ease. It gave her very accurate reads and it was very reactive to what she wanted to read for. To this day she is the only one who can read with that deck. Tarot of Pagan Cats is very friendly. Everyone who has asked to read with it has gotten very accurate reads! This deck enjoys being used. Not many decks are as open as this one. If you are looking for a good starter deck this would be the one. Next time you're searching for a new deck give this one a try.I personally like it. I hope if you get a chance to try it you will too. 

Accalia Esme


Welcome to Tarot Tuesday!


Hello and welcome to Tarot Tuesdays! This past Tuesday we did a live video on our facebook page "The Witches Daily Cauldron" where we discussed how we got into tarot and some of the basics of completing reads for yourself and others. Feel free to go watch the replay if you would like! (link below)

When you are looking for a new deck there are a few things that  you need to take into account before you purchase. There are some superstitions that surround Tarot. One superstition that is commonly recognized is that your first deck should be purchased for you by someone else and given to you. I personally have received a few decks and while they are wonderful and I love and cherish them they don't always give you a detailed personalized answer to your questions. Now don't get me wrong. They are spot on!!! Just not as personal as sets I've picked out on my own.  When it comes to you and your deck do what ever feels right for you go with it. There is no right or wrong way to store your deck. Some have preferences for how they store and prep their deck. But ultametly you need to do what feels right for you.   

When you are reading for someone else please make sure that you are shielding and not absorbing their energies. It is important to feel their energies and allow them to help influence their read but you don't want to carry those energies with you after the read. So please don't forget to shield. Grounding and centering is also VERY important before a read for yourself or for others. When you ground and center yourself you are opening yourself to the earth and energies around you and connecting with them. When you are connecting with the energies around you the read will be more accurate and personal. 

Many of my decks have pulled me toward them with their energies. Yes even inanimate objects have energy! Everything has energy and it can either vibe with you or push you away. Which is good and bad. Sometimes energies from decks repel you when you really like the deck! But it's alright and when the time is right the deck may accept you. 

You will notice when you get deeper into tarot that there are many decks written by the same author but have very different readings! This is one of the beautiful things about tarot. Each deck is created with an overall message in mind. And like us authors have multiple things to say and messages to get out there. 

Don't be afraid of the card title. For example the Death card does not mean you will die. It simply means that you will go through a change where something will end and something else will begin. The devil does not mean you are possessed! If you are ever freaked out by a card consult your book that accompanies your cards and really read into the description provided. If the description provided isn't enough then a google search of the card title will always help too. l

Tarot is a wonderful divination tool however it can not predict the future! Your energies help  the deck so be aware of what you are sending out. Tarot should not be used to make big life decisions. Please do not quit your job or end a relationship because a card told you too.

Tarot is fun. But it's not a toy or a parlor trick. You can do a reading for someone and it can affect them in a way you didn't realize or expect. Please don't feel like you have to do a reading because someone asked you. If you don't feel comfortable doing a reading for some one you can absolutely decline! You are an amazing magical being and you have everything you need inside of  you! Never lose your light! 

Until next Tarot Tuesday! Stay blessed.   

Accalia Esme

Journey into the Hidden Realm deck Review


For todays Tarot Tuesday deck review we are taking a look at Barbra Moores Journey into the Hidden Realm. Artwork by Julia Jeffrey. A standard seventy eight card deck with typical Major and basic minor arcana. The deck is beautifully represented with hand drawn pictures that appear to be colored by oil pastels and colored pencils. The cards feature mainly people on each card and sometimes their animal counter parts.  The weight of the card stock is a nice medium weight card. The way they glide makes shuffling easy and enjoyable. Reads are accurate. the artwork and the 'stories' attached to each card are nice and teleport the reader into the world the artist and the writer worked so hard to create. The deck delivers the message in a kind manner. Direct but not harsh as some decks tend to be. The Journey into the Hidden Realm is a great deck for intermediate to advanced readers as the divinatory meaning (the part that isn't the story) can have some key words that take some studying to grasp fully. While beginning readers can read this deck, I would suggest they read, deeply, the stories before the divinitory meaning. Overall the deck is very nicely done. Very pleasant to use and is one of the decks I frequently use in reading for personal use as well as reading for others. At $23 for the book and the cards it's a great deal! Barbra Moore has a flair for tarot cards and this deck is one of her best!

Accalia Esme.


Deamon Tarot deck Review (Video)


 Our own Pandora Menadora reviewed her Deamon Tarot deck! Go check out the video on our facebook page!


Summary of live Shadowscapes Tarot review



So there is a live video of my Tarot Tuesday edition up on our Facebook page, but this is a summary of that live. So first I will introduce my personal deck Shadowscapes Tarot by Barbara Moore and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, this is a 78 card deck with a Major and Minor Arcana. Barbara Moore is the main author and Stpehanie Pui-Mun Law is the artist. Stephanie is a professional flamingo dancer and this comes through in her art for this tarot deck, it comes across as very whimsical and fluid. I can not say enough for her art she is incredibly talented. The art work for this deck pulls from Celtic, Asian and fantasy inspiration. Barbara more designed this deck to be for both beginners with tarot and for those who are more experienced. In he beginning of the book that comes with this deck she breaks down tarot and how to use it and how to use the design of a tarot deck in your workings and readings, she loves to inform and teach as she does with most of her tarot decks. In the back of the book Barbara Moore explains the different spreads that can be done with the particular deck. The card stock that the deck is made of is very sturdy and easy to shuffle. One negative that I will say is when opening the box that holds the cards and book, the cards fall out everywhere; there is nothing holding them in place. Barbara and Stephannue do a wonderful job of giving each of the cards life and a story. With the being said this deck is very cryptic and really wants you to figure the answers out for your self and how the meaning of cards ties into your reading. This is why each card has a story, the story of the card plays into the divinatory meaning of the card. One of the things that I like about this is that there is no reverse divinatory meaning for the cards. I highly recommend his deck to everyone, it gives great reads and is simply beautiful to look at! 

~ Amaris Devona


Past Lives Deck Review


The Past Lives Oacle deck by Doreen Virtue and Brian L. Weiss is one of my favorite decks. The wording of this 44 card deck is nothing shy of amazing. Each carefully crafted card depicts and image to really inspire the memories to kick in from past lives. When reading for others the Past Life deck does not disappoint. I have found that when my particular deck is 'tired' it will refuse to shuffle or offer the same cards for different questions. 

Doreen Virtue does not mince her words however she does not deliver her message in this deck harshly or lead you on a goose chase for the meaning. I personally love the way this deck is worded. Working with it has helped many of my sisters and I find and connect with each other. You'd be surprised how many people in your life share past lives with you. 

The weight of the cardstock and the 'shuffle-ablity' is amazing! The deck was stuck together when I purchased it. Processing glue held a few of the cards back to back and when trying to separate them some damage was done. A few of the cards peeled and bent. However the 'injuries' to the cards have not prevented a good read with the deck. 

Overall the deck is very simple to understand and to use. I would recommend this deck to readers of all skill level. Just be prepared to hear messages you didn't expect to hear. 

Accalia Esme