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Paganism by definition is an earth based polytheistic religion. With each deity, Goddess or God, regardless of them being of; Greek, Celtic, Norse, Native American, has a domain both of good and chaos. For example the. Norse Goddess Frey is the goddess of love, beauty and fertility but also of war and death. This represents the balance in nature. 

  When I set out to write this I was sure I had a clear vision of Dark and Light Paganism. I was quickly proven wrong. After reading a few things about the beliefs of Dark Pagans I began to see that their whole foundation was one that made perfect sense and was actually necessary for a balance with light magically and spiritually. Let me explain. 

  Pagans that follow a dark path believe that we should honor the darkness and chaos and death of nature just as much as the light. They follow deities of chaos and destruction. Also that pagans who are only following the path of light and only seeing the good and timid side of nature, are not embracing nature for what it is in its entirety. Dark Pagans want us to open our minds to the fact that chaos can be good and good can be bad.   

 There are a whole set if books and teachings of how to wield dark magic and how to incorporate it into your craft. It is not for all. With magic there should be a balance with light and dark. It keeps us honest about who we are as witches and what could happen if we aren't careful in our magical practices. I think learning about both light and dark magic would benefit all witches because what ever your path is a complete rounded knowledge of our religion is a powerful thing.   

~ Amaris Devonna


Finding Inner Peace


     Life can get insanely busy. Even just balancing work, family and friends can be a task. As a mom finding time takes scheduling hacks. In between the phone calls, emails, text messages and constant "moms" finding a quiet moment to shower can be a task let alone finding time to relax and reflect on my inner peace. 

     Some of my carved personal time belongs to the seven minuet smoke breaks I take three times a day. During this grand total of twenty one minuets I take many deep (non-smoke filled) breaths. I sometimes sing a song or take some time out to watch that new viral cat video or the newest challenge. 

     I am by no means the most balanced person. I still lose my temper, yell, curse  and feel like there is never enough time in a day. Something I have learned this summer though was how to accept it all. 

m     I learned that no matter how hard I try to change and event or a personal experience I cant. All I can do is change the way I react to it. Take for example my car accident this March. While I was driving my kids to school a man ran a stop sign and plowed into the side of us. Air bags deployed and with in a few milliseconds my van was totaled. WE all walked away with out serious, permanent injuries. But my first reaction once I made sure the kids were okay, was throttle the man who hit us.  

     A calm washed over me unexpectedly almost like a wave. I looked over at this man, drenched in his coffee, hand on the back of his head, face full of worry and fear. I felt compelled to talk to him. Once EMS cleared the kids and my husband got there to keep the kids warm, I stood outside. I was pissed, scared, in pain and tired. But this man, a father and grandfather was worried about us. Our lives were both turned sideways that morning. Somehow I managed to find peace with the accident. 

     Looking back at that day now I don't know how I did it. How, when my children were hurt, did I keep my calm? How was I able to comfort the man who totaled an almost paid off van? I believe it's because I release pent up emotions during my scheduled breaks. Being able to find small moments where I just am who I am keeps me calm in big situations. Because those times  by myself help me connect with my inner self. To find peace in who I am. Peace doesn't mean there is only good. Pace means taking lives lemons and making lemon bars with them. At least to me. 

     Each persons inner peace is different from the next persons. It's important to remember to find time to figure out what inner peace means to you. 

    Life is messy, loud and spontaneous. We all need to be at peace inside before we can tackle the challenges we face. So watch that cat video, sing the song that's been stuck in your head and be at peace. 

~Accalia Esme


The journey this far By Peachie



It's not easy for me to be vulnerable or open up to people when I need to speak. The journey through my life always felt like the lesson was to raise my voice, yet for some reason my body chose to do the opposite. 

"Hello? Voice box? Are you there?"

 I'm not sure that I took the correct paths when introduced with a fork in the road, but somehow I've managed to keep afloat. I remember long ago that I wasn't terribly afraid of speaking a little bit, but as years went by those feelings grew and multiplied uncontrollably. I really never thought about it until 2012 when I had a spirit reading done and she asked me, "when did the public anxiety start?" 

"Huh? What do yo.... oh... now that I think about it..." 

Over time I've really noticed how many things actually bothered me and things I had unconsciously tried to avoid at all costs. 

Luckily for me, I eventually really started paying more attention to a friend of mine drilling into my head ".. just be positive.." I had to make a more conscious decision to stop negative thoughts & behaviors, which, let me tell you, is hard as granite when your life was pretty much programmed that way. I've been told, ever since I can remember, to "smile, life ain't that bad", but in my mind, it really was.

Someone took it upon themselves to break me internally at a very young age and it seemed to start a domino effect of events for years to come and I simply never recovered from one trauma before the next one would start. There was never the correct guidance presented or the right set of words given that helped to lift me from the dark pit I had dug myself into, hiding away from the world. I originally started a journey towards the right healing alone but over time I found many helpful souls along the way. Here's how it started...

When I was 20-years-old I first learned about Wicca, it wasn't until I was around 21 or 22 that I suddenly had an urge to look it up online and that's when I felt I had found a better path.  Unfortunately, I did not keep up with it as devotedly as I should have and I felt like I was on a roller coaster throughout life.

When I was about 27 or 28, I picked up my books again and started looking up spells for certain things. I believe I started with things like past lives, money and love but realized that I was being selfish in 3/4 of the curiosities. I learned the rule of three and how to not wish for personal gain requests, but there was more I could explore. Traveling outside of this realm, healing by simple touch, distance readings, psychic abilities & more were plenty enough to get me digging into more and more as time went on. Read a little here and there, feel like I've overloaded and stop for a while. 

I hit a few brick walls after I turned 30 and there was an emotional breakdown when I was 32 that led to a huge surge of searching and researching into myself like I had honestly never done. I wasn't aware that answers and healing don't really come from anything anyone else says or does. The healing can only come from inner reflection, true forgiveness, and unconditional love for not only others, but of yourself.

"Love myself? Hah! Do you know the things I've been through? Heard? Cried over? Do you know how screwed up my life has been?"

"Yes, and you should still love yourself because your journey has taught you many things. Your journey created the beautiful person you are today."  It is most definitely a lesson that I'm still learning and cannot say I have mastered, but I make the small effort to try and change a negative into a positive every day. Yes, I have been damaged for a long time, but at some point, things have to reach capacity and you start towards change.

 A shift happened this year when I got that same urge to dig into things that I got almost 10 years prior. With this thirst for enlightenment, I ran across far more touching information that spiraled into so many lightbulbs going off in my mind about various things from creation thoughts to spiritual thoughts that I had previously never questioned or thought about much. I really think my life was just on autopilot for the most part. I wouldn't say that I am full fledged Wiccan as of this moment, but I would attach myself to simply being more awake. Most people may say spiritual, enlightened, woke, or whatever. 

I've learned that it doesn't matter the  specific path you follow in your life that matters, what matters is the essence of what you take away from it and how you use it in daily life. 

Don't all major religions attempt to teach the followers about loving one another? Be kind, spread peace & show unconditional love. I feel like there should be certain lines drawn within yourself as to what slides and what is the limit with today's society. I wouldn't suggest being kind & show love to a child rapist or anything, but a hand outstretched towards people in genuine need or a donation without regrets are small ways to raise Karma & the vibration of, not only your internal vibrations, but worldly vibrations as well.   "Worldly vibrations? What in the fridge is this chick talking about?"

Some people don't believe in the vibrations of earth being connected to us as individuals, but honey, our vibration raising can most definitely raise Gaia's vibrations. Light workers send out higher vibrations regularly to help balance things out. I wasn't aware of such a group of people until recently, and that clicked a lightbulb in itself when I started to read up on them and what they stand for. Home, sweet, home! I do believe I have found my calling!

My advice to anyone searching for a purpose? Look inward and find what it is that YOU love, enjoy & desire, then follow your gut towards the guidance to getting there and living the best life you can. Change don't happen over night sweetie, but taking the initiative now is a start. It has taken me many years to even reach the point that I'm at now, and that not a large gap of growth, but every day is a chance to get another step closer to being the person I'm meant to be. It's never been easy, I've just somehow managed to become numb enough to get through it.  Wicca helps me to find out who that person is and gain the confidence along the way to show it off to the world without regret. 

In love & light, I hope you've enjoyed my journey through Wicca thus far and into a growth period of knowledge. 

Yours truly, Peachie


Finding a Whole New Part To My Path


A while back a good friend asked me if I could talk to her mother for her. When I did I realized that helping her was something that made want to do it again. Giving people closure... helping them. It felt right. But it scared me too! 

Talking with spirits wasn't something new to me. I had been doing since I was a little kid. When my grandmother passed she managed to say goodbye. She was across the country. 

When we hear people talking to spirits early in our journey we kinda get skeeved or freaked out a bit. But as we get more comfortable with our selves and our power that lies with in it becomes more and more easy to grasp. I met my best friend and sister much later in my life. She had lost her brother and I was moved to let him speak to her. It was one of the most emotional evenings we had. And I was exhausted  for almost a week. When I met the women who would eventually  become my coven I was hit again with a spirit who wanted to talk to someone they loved. I asked the individual but they declined to speak to them. 

It wasn't until recently that I met a woman who was close to me in a past life. I'm very careful not to openly disclose my magical side. Not everyone down in the south is exactly welcoming to witches. It was brought up in conversation by her room mate about a spirit in their house. It was a friendly spirit just wanted to have some company. But she asked me if I was a witch. I won't lie I was scared to answer but I did. And she replied that she had witches in her line too. A few month later she asked me to let her talk with her Grandmother. I was hesitant at first. But once I meditated on it I realized it would help her heal and I couldn't say no to helping someone. 

This experience of talking with a spirit was not as tiring as it had been in the past. And like we both hoped she found the answers she was looking for. 

Since then I have realized that I feel spirits much easier. I can hear them and feel their pain. I had heard of stories of my family being able to communicate easily with spirits but I always thought that I didn't get that. It takes a few knocks on my spiritual door for me to realize what is happening some times. But with the knocks that I've been getting lately I know that my path is leading me to a new journey one where I will practice how to safely embrace my ability to be a medium.

Channeling spirits is vastly different than being a medium. Channeling you allow a spirit to take over your body and use it as it see's fit. Being a medium you are speaking to the spirit and relaying the message to the living. From what I've learned so far it's not danger free. I still cast circles of protection and I keep my wards up high and strong. Helping people when the time is right feels right. I'm not saying I'm going to open a tea house where its free talk to you loved ones if you buy a cuppa. But I do want to be able to help people connect if they ask. And to do that I need to allow myself to accept a new part to my journey. I will keep you as updated as I can on my research and practice for lack of a better word. 

until then....stay blessed. 

Accalia Esme

The Effects of of Mental Health on Magick


                    There are many things that can have effects on our Magick, one of the major things that effects it is our mental health. If you are practicing you Magick and it seems your intentions are not manifesting to the power that you want, you may be experiencing a mental block therefore your 3rd eye is not open.

                    As a Witch that suffers from mental illness ( I am Bipolar and I suffer from anxiety and depression ), I know all too well the frustration that comes from my Magick not being as strong sometimes because of my mental illness. With that being said it is not always because of a mental illness. It could be that you have a lot on your mind and or stress that comes with every day obstacles. 

                     Fortunately, we are Magickal beings and we have many resources to help clear our minds and get our Magick back up to par. Side note, I am a huge advocate for mental health/ mental illness awareness, so if you feel that you may be suffering from a mental illness, please please please seek help. You are not alone!

Ok back on track, so to rid your mind of everyday clutter try a releasing spell or have a fellow Witch help you in casting a releasing spell to strengthen it. This will help you let go of what you can not on your own. Another way you can clear your mind is to have a fellow Witch or Raki Master perform a Raki session on you. You can also smudge and cleanse yourself to clear to clutter; to do this you can use sage or palisanto. For a quick way to release try taking a deep breath and ground yourself for 10 minutes. Empowering your Magick in any way possible is very important, so take some time out of your busy day to take care of your mind!

~ Amaris Devona 



If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Teaching Children About Cause and Effect in Magick By: E Massey


In the popular children’s book, “If you give a mouse a cookie” by Laura Numeroff, a little boy’s pet mouse asks for a cookie which starts a chain reaction of wanting more and more, until returning back to the start which suggests that it will begin over again from the cookie.

I use this book in one of my “Little Witch” workshops to highlight the principle of cause and effect in magickal practices.

For those who remember taking physics in High School you will probably remember this: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. This idea of cause and effect in physics can also be seen in Magick as well. What is thought or done could possibly create a chain of events for yourself or someone else you have no connection too. This is completely different from the wiccan ideal of the three-fold law.

The BIG question is how do you teach this to children?

As an early childhood educator, teaching the laws of physics can be challenging and the thought of quantum physics is just asking for trouble. There are many things that have perplexed and prevented me from teaching it regularly. From the obvious complexity of the subject to religious and/or cautious parents that have kept me to just keep it to the basic fundamentals. Over the years, I have found that the best way to incorporate quantum physics was with experiments and teachable moments in everyday play. There is no mandate or standard that states that we need or must teach the subject, but I feel it is my duty as an educator to lay the ground work for our future possible mad scientists.

When it comes to Pagan education I feel there is more of an open mind in the teaching of this subject to children and how it could contribute to their spirituality. There are many sources of information in the pagan community that mention and focus on the science of magick and how it pertains to the laws of physics and quantum physics. However, many of them are too complex for a new Witch to understand.

Teaching children about cause and effect is actually easier than you think. Young children are already experimenting with cause and effect on a regular basis. They can cause a ball to roll by placing it on a slanted surface. Whereas, Infants learn that when they shake a rattle, they hear a sound. Children learn that they can “test” toys and people to see what reactions they can create. Through their exploration play, children learn that they can cause things to change or happen in their environment. This is no different on a magickal and spiritual level. However, as magickal teachers we just need to tweak the material to include more than just the five senses.

Simple Domino Exercise

By using dominos, we can teach children about cause and effect through play. Line up the dominos either in a straight line or in a specific magickal pattern such as a crescent moon. The bigger the better.

Ask the child what will happen if you push the first domino. At this point you can explain that this is called “cause and effect” and it is what happens when we work with magick. How our intention is the first domino and our magick is the pushing of that domino, which can cause all the other dominos to change how they stand. Explain how everything in the universe as well as all magick works under this principle. You can give age appropriate examples to help further the understanding of the principle, for example: When you eat too much candy (cause) you will get a tummy ache(effect). For those in the wiccan traditions, I would consider using a circle pattern and at the point of return express the three-fold law. You and your child can experiment with different shapes and patterns.


Dating While Pagan



Merry meet peeps. Many of us have been through the dating pool, some of us are currently in it, all just wanting someone to accept us for who we are in every way, and that includes the craft. If you are like me then that means you are also really open with whoever might be interested in starting a relationship about your path and hope that they understand but many persons would shy away. So many Pagan paths are considered “Devil Worship” and that can scare some potential suitors and put you in a position where you feel you need to hide your faith, I am here to say don’t.

In June of 2014 I began to message this guy, well he began to message me, and our conversations on nerd culture would go on for hours at a time. One day I finally realized I had to tell him about my beliefs because he wanted to meet, our first date. So, I sucked it up and sent the text, “Just so you know, I am a wiccan.” His response was not what I expected. He had mentioned that he was a Christian, so I was waiting to hear about hell and damnation and was pleasantly surprised to read, “I know a little about Wicca, it’s about nature, right? Also, what time did you want to go?”

Fast forward a couple months and we are “chilling” (dating but still open to other options) and I am talking about my religious path, and he is listening and interested because if this is something the girl he likes follows then he wants to learn about it too, not to convert but to understand her because that is her faith. Now I am engaged to this guy. Before him I was dating and failing with the guys I met. At one point there was a guy who I thought I would spend my life with but because of unforeseen circumstances we had to end. Because of how tired I was of having failed relationships I did a love spell, I asked Aphrodite to help me find the man who would be perfect for me. He didn’t have to fit my ‘type’ just had to love me for me. Aphrodite listened and here he is.

Why the story?

Truth is after my relationship that ended with the guy who was my ‘soulmate’ I never thought I would be happy again or be in love like that. It wasn’t until meeting my fiancé I realized that the other relationship wasn’t as perfect as I thought. I wasn’t open about my faith or felt comfortable bringing it up. Now I have met my “Soulmate” and it took kissing Princes who either turned into frogs or couldn’t offer the security I needed. Don’t stress about not having met “The One” yet or feel you must hide your light to find the perfect companion. If they are truly your perfect companion to travel with through the realm of the living till the end has been found, you will never have to hide who you truly are.

Pandora Menadora


Live Q & A With Accalia Esme

Hello you magical beings! Last night we had a wonderful live chat on our facebook page. Follow the link below to see the complete video!

The first question was about what crystals you use for anxiety and depression. 

First and foremost: Depression and Anxiety are very serious medical conditions. Please seek medical attention in conjunction with holistic healing methods. 

The crystals and stones that I use to help my anxiety and depression are 

Clear quartz. Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, rose quarts, Selenite, and Shiva stones. Crystals can help you quite a bit! However there is no quick fix for anxiety and depression. Please do not hesitate to seek help if you are feeling depressed or anxious. 

The next question was how do you purify your home from negative influences. I personally use incense and white sage bundles. I also have the kids ring bells and bang on pots to bring up the positive energies and dispell the negative ones. When you find an area where the bell or pot or clap echos keep making the noise until there is no more echo. The echo is negative space that is waiting to be cleared. 

"What is your favorite incense?" I particularly enjoy the patchouli incense. It's a great grounding incense. Bay (can also use bay leaves.) is another fantastic sent that has so many other uses. Especially if you have headaches. Peppermint is another really great sent and oil to use! 

A protection tool I use to keep my little magic people safe is a black salt perimeter. I bless the black salt and mix it with pink hymilain sea salt and walk all around the property of my home sprinkling it as I go. While I sprinkle it I envision it making a shield of sorts around my home. 

"How did you know your patron Goddess or God was yours?" 

My grandmother came to me in a dream and morphed into a woman that I instantly knew was Athena. She was sitting on a ledge in a stream. When Athena spoke to me she asked if I knew who she was and if I knew who my Patron God was. Of course I instantly knew who she was and who my patron God is. I follow Athena and Poseidon. Together they have lead me and guided me through so much. 

"what is your earliest memory of Paganism?" 

When I was five we went as a family to Popum Beach. I remember feeling the energies of the ocean, the earth and the air around me. I could feel the calming of the waves and the energy the waves gave me as well as the ground below me recharging me. 

"Do you have a favorite book on Paganism?" 

I have a small library of pagan books. But one that I use frequently or send people to get often is Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. It's a great book for witches of all ages. Teen to adult. 

"Do you have a favorite pagan author?" 

Silver Ravenwolf. She has many publications on a wide range of topics. Also Bucklands complete guide is a great book! Barbra moore is another really amazing author as well! 

"Do you like raiki? Do you think it really works?" 

Yes I do like raiki! And I have experienced the positives from it personally. 

"How has magic affected your life? In positive and negative ways?" 

Magic has always been apart of my life. Magic is something that has brought me to where I am in my life's journey! The people in my life now are people who are meant to be here right now. I spent a few years where I walked away from all magic and wicca/ paganism. During those times I was shut down and experienced some of the worse things a woman can. It was really hard for me. Being able to openly express who I was regarding my faith and not be judged for it was really scary. And for a while I chose to hide who I was completely. Even from myself. Once I opened back up to my pagan side I noticed a confidence and a happiness I hadn't experienced in a long time. For me being pagan is a part of who I am. 

"How do you figure out your past lives?" 

For me I learned them in many different ways. Some of my past lives I've known about since I was a child. I could tell my teacher about very specific details about the revolutionary war. If you don't have these types of moments you can use meditaion, see a past lives specialist, Tarot reading and dreams. Your dreams tell you more than you'd think. 

"What made you want to be a High Priestess?" 

I actually didn't want to be a High Priestess in the beginning! I was apart of a small study group and was asked if I would lead them. I tried so for a while to dismiss the notion. I had only been back into paganism for about 7 years at the time and I didn't feel confident in what I knew to lead them with the right tools. I eventually took an evening and just talked with my Goddess and God through our converstaion I decided to give it a try for a year and a day. When we started there were three of us total. Now we have been a coven for over five years and there are sixteen of us nation wide! Sometimes a path finds you when you least expect it. I have been honored to share what I know with all of my fellow witches and help them when ever they may need it. 

" You follow a Native American path. What really influences you with that? " 

Grew up in Arizona for some of my first formative years. And I think that really influences how much I am drawn to it. I went on a reservation when I was younger. An old woman was talking to my class and when they were finished and moved on to the rainstick demonstration I went to thank her. Took her hand to talk to her. She placed her hand over mine and said "welcome home" that really stuck with me. 

"what draws you to your Celtic Path?" 

My whole life I have a feeling of missing Ireland and the smell of Ireland. It's calls to me in many ways. All of the celtic history and culture is something that I never tire of. During a deeper dig into my past lives I discovered that I lived in Ireland in a past life. So that influences me quite a bit. 

" How do you run your home magically? Are  your kids involved?" 

It is very difficult sometimes to run our blended home. I try to include the kids as many ways as I can. We acknowledge the christian holidays as well as the pagan ones. It's a lot to balance some times. But I try  to keep it open and encourage them learning and asking questions. And I always involve them in raising the energy and purifying the home. Meditation is very big for my daughter and I. Meditation really helps keep us in tune. 

"What is your favorite thing about Paganism? " 

I really love how welcoming the pagan community is. Favorite activities in paganism would be meditation, working with the elements, tarot and other divination. I really enjoy crafting for pagan needs. But above everything I love the open acceptance of the pagan community. The family feel of it all. 

"How do you recharge after reading or group meditation?" 

I try to pre-charge. The first few times I didn't and I was drained for a few days. Pre-charging is much like recovering. Hydration and eating well and proper sleep is vital! 


Make sure you are powering up energy wise too. Get into your element. Make sure you are grounded and centered. It is very important to make sure you are ready to work with other people! It is vital that you protect yourself when you are working with others. 

Thank you so much for spending your Thursday with us. You have no idea how honored and how much this is a privilege to share with you! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Until next time stay blessed!  

~Accalia Esme


Live Q & A with Amaris Devona!


To see the full live Q & A session with Amaris Devona follow the link below.

 1) What drew you to the pagan path?

The acceptance  and the fact that their was no judgement in regards to which path I choose in paganism and how I choose to live my life as a pagan as long as I did no harm. 

2)What about the pagan path do you enjoy most?
The connections  and friendships I have made with some many people. As well as the love and light that I receive from the Goddess it makes me feel home. 

3) What is your favorite Divintory tool and why?
My favorite divinatory tool would have to be tarot cards. I love doing readings a seeing people's faces when the cards make a connection with them. 

4)Have you found a certian pendulium works best for you?
Yes my favorite stone is amethyst so a pendulum that has an amethyst at the end is normally what is gong to work best for me.

5)What worries you most about being out of the broom closet?
That some of my friends and family will not accept me and that they will walk out of my life. But I guess if that's how they will be I don't need them in my life. 

6)If you could change one thing about paganism what would change? 
The stigma that we are evil and devil worshippers that cut heads off chickens. Which is exactly the opposite from who we are. We don't believe in Satan at all and we love all creatures. 

7)What bothers you most about the way media displays paganism?
I am a big advocate for our religion and I hate when people think we are a cult or that we are evil state worshippers. 

8)How do you dispell those notions when someone finds out you are pagan?
I try to dispel them by briefly explain what paganism is and I ask them did you think I was evil before I told you? No? Well I'm exactly who I am before I told you except now you know I'm pagan. 

9)You grew up in the bible belt, how did that affect  your draw to paganism?
It affected it in many ways, mostly it affected it in that I never felt truly myself when I was in a Christian church. I always felt out of place or judged and that not the type of people I want to spend my life around 

10)How did you discover who your pagan Goddess and God are?
In my very first mediation. My Goddes showed herself to me she is the Goddess of the moon and has come to me with many names. I haven't figured out which one is more comfortable for me. My God didn't happen until we moved to NC I went into our back yard and mediated and he came to me as Cerrrenos the good of the woods.

11)What sect of Paganism do you follow?
I am and eclectic pagan and I follow a very Celtic and Native American path. I'm a it all over the place hahah

12) what is your favorite pagan book?
Wicca the Complete Craft and Moon Magick by DJ Conway. The man is genius. 

13)How would you advise someone who wants to start their exploration into the pagan path?
Ask questions. Research  before you make the leap. Go into the local Magick shop. Your path will call to you. 

14) what was the scariest thing about taking the leap
Telling my mom. She is a Baptist and my rock so I was not sure how she would react. 

15)is finding someone who shares your path important to you?
Extremely. They don't have to have my same path or even be pagan but they have to support me no matter what. It's very important that they at least are ok with my religion and have a basic understanding even if it's not their belief. I got lucky enough to have a Hubby that is starting to find his pagan patchy slowly but surely.

16)I know youre in the medical field how do you balance or handle holistic healing?
I am a medical assistant and I'm starting back to school soon for my PA fingers crossed. I fully believe in modern medicine but I also believe In Holistic medicine. I think their is a time and place for each one. I balance by practicing holistic methods at home and modern medicine at work. Unless the problem at home is beyond holistic remedies. 

17) Have you experienced a shift in your pagan path?
Yes. Defiantly, I feel I have grown a lot more and mostly since moving up to NC where my heart is I feel I have really come into my own with the pagan path. Oddly it's as if I can see my path clearly now. 

18)How do you handle spirits in the home?
If I feel they mean no harm I really just let them do their thing. But if I feel they are negative and harmful spirits I will stand in the middle of the room I feel their presence in and day out loud you at not welcome in this home of light and you do not belong here I banish you from my home and send out as much good positive engergy that I can.

19)How has your experience with the pagan community been so far?
So far it has been amazing so much love and acceptance and so many people willing to help on my path I couldn't ask for anything more.

20)When you see famous witches on TV and Movies do you feel they are accurate representatives of the path?
 Yes and no. Yes in the sense that they are strong powerful independent women and that's what we are about too but no in that Magick 

21)What draws you to your pagan and Native American Path?
Well by heritage I am 1/8 at least I think that's the correct percentage, Cherokee Indian. When I was 19 I went to the Cherokee reservations and broke into tears the minute I stepped foot on that reservation. I knew at that exact moment this was part of my path. I love the wild and free spirits of the Native American people. 

22)What is your goal for your journey in paganism?
My goal for my journey is to never stop learning. Never stop evolving in paganism and on my path. I also want to spread my knowledge as far as I can. I want The Witches Daily Cauldron to be as big as possible.

23)What kind of crone do you see yourself as?
I want to be the Crone that has a small to medium farm with a good sized log cabin filled with books herbs crystals and a whole room for people to come and learn about paganism. I want my own garden where my hubby and I can teach our children and grand children how to grow things and just to be good humans. I want to be the woman all the pagans in the area come to to learn. 

24)What do you think drives you to want to be the Guide?
I love to help people and any I can do that I will. I'm a huge believer in that you can never stop growing and never stop learning and I want to help people do that especially if it's with paganism because it's so close to my heart.

 25)what is something you would like to say to our viewers? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. From the bottom of the our hearts. We wouldn't be anything if we didn't have our viewers reading our articles and watching our lives we wouldn't be able to do what we do. I appreciate you guys more than you know.

   26)what is you message to the youth in paganism Please never ever give up on yourself or your path.  It is a crazy bumpy ride for sure but it is also beautiful along the way. If you get frustrated or can't preform a spell don't hesitate to ask questions. Never stop asking.

    27)How do you think your past lives have affected your pagan path today? I think that my past lives defiantly affected my path mostly because I fully believe that they helped lead to me path in a way. I have seen some of my past lives and one of them used to save witches in the burning times. 

   28)What was the final call that confirmed this was the path for you? The very first time I could see energies and their colors. Our high priestess Acalia Esme helped me see them and it felt so right. I had never been more happy. I just new paganism was  

  29)How did you find your familiar? Well I have 2 Evie my pup and Druid my cat both rescues. Evie found me I went introduced the shelter wanting an older male dog and this little puppy pops up and I fell in love. Druid I wanted an all black male cat I got an all grey male cat. This little grey cat that no one could get out of his box cam right out for me and my hubby. We knew he was supposed to be ours.

  30) If you could say one thing to your future self, what would you say? You are strong and stop doubting yourself you can handle more than you think. You are a force and remember to always have confidence in your Maigick.  

Welcome to Talk About it Thursdays


Good Thursday morning lovelies!
I hope that all of you have had a wonderful week! Here at the The Witches Daily we have been scheduling and planing out our next articles. I am so excited for what is to come! If there are any topics or specific questions you would like us to answer please do not hesitate to email us at 

We love hearing from our readers

Tonight we will be doing a live Q& A  on our facebook page. Please go like that page and follow it so you can be notified when we go live! 

Alright now down to what today is all about.... Talking about it! What is it you may ask. Well it means just about anything. From being new to the path, pagan parenting, blended households, to spell work and how and when to cast certain spells and rituals. Talk about it Thursday is really a free for all where you the reader gets to tell us what you would like us to talk to you about! 

This morning I want to talk to you all about coming out of the broom closet. If you caught our first live you will see how a simple accident caused me to be tagged by my legal name not my magical name. At first I didn't realize it. Until I noticed some of my family and friends who had no idea what so ever about my pagan path, were watching us and commenting! I will not lie to you, my blood ran cold. I have been a pagan for a good long while and have managed to keep it mostly quiet while still learning and leading. So for that to happen last night... well it was a quick jolt to my broom stick. 

I recently started speaking to my dad. I didn't grow up with him. And finding and getting to know him has been an honor and pleasure! So to see him get on last night and watch our Tarot Tuesday video was terrifying! Yes I am a High Priestess. And yes I have been a pagan for quite some time... but my anonymity was still intact. It was easier to separate those two parts of me and keep it quiet than risk my father's relationship. In hind sight that was the wrong way to approach it. 

I am all for being transparent and open when you are ready to be. I have frequently told my sister witches "If anyone has a problem with your faith that's their problem! You keep following your heart. The people who don't accept your choice as yours are not the people you want in your life." Now I have said this many, many times. But to actually have my anonymity removed was a shock. And I found that I had to remind my self that it doesn't matter what people think of me. 

We as humans all crave that support and attention from those around us. Even those of us who are awakening. It's basic human need to desire connection. And it hurts when others choose not to accept you for who you are. However if you look deep inside and trust yourself you will find a peace. If last night taught me anything it taught me to just be myself. Completely and unashamed of who I am! *cue "This Is Me" from the Greatest Showman.* Don't hide who you are. You are glorious. And we are all warriors! We are all fighting to hold on to what we believe in. All fighting for the life that takes a million dreams to create. (can you tell the Greatest Showman has spoken to me on a level I wasn't even aware I needed?) 

Anyway, I digress. The point of this letter to you all today is to tell you that you are not alone in being afraid to come out of the broom closet. We are all afraid in some way. Any way you choose to be in  your path is perfect. If you choose to use a magical name, or if you choose to stand on the capital hill and scream your  ties with magic and paganism we will always have your back. Just keep in mind not all of us are ready to march to Capital Hill just yet. So be kind to us. Be patient. We are all on this journey together. Lets make it a good one! 

Be Blessed! 

~Accalia Esme  

Christian Witches: Real or Not?


Christianity, its a word that we have all heard and when it is said there is not a single person that doesn't have an emotional response to it. 

Witchcraft, again a word we have all heard and when it is said not a single person reacts with out an emotional response. 

There are good and bad aspects to both. Christianity is thought of as judgmental, unforgiving, and harsh. 

Witches or witchcraft is know as the media portrays it. Dark, not of God and Evil.  

But what if the general pre-conceived notions of what Christianity and Witchcraft are wrong? Can you be a Christian and a Witch? 

If you were to ask this to a group of Christians and  Witches you would get some very interesting responses. Let me give you some of the highlights. 

"The bible states that all witchcraft is of the devil." 

"The way their God punishes those who do not follow him and his word is not the Witchy way." 

"Witches were created to tempt GOOD Christians into the darkness and evil." 

"God and Christians will never accept us or what we do. They wont even try. Look into our history...they literally burned, drowned, and hung us." 

Yes all of these are valid points from both sides. And both have strong emotional attachment to their points. However what if there was a third option? An option where pre-conceived ideas of what Christians and witches are put aside. What if Christians and Witches could exist side by side in peace, with out judgement? 

A few years ago I was invited to my dear friends church. This church was not like any other church I had ever been too. As a self proclaimed former christian I had experienced some really nasty treatment from some Christians. It tainted the words that were preached in the service and it made me feel like I was unwelcome. However in this church the overwhelming fear that I would burst into flames was quickly doused. We live in the south. And many churches in the south, in my experience, are not welcoming to newcomers. (which make no sense to me) This church however was more than welcoming. I enjoyed my time there and the worshiping portion was so fun! The sermon wasn't heavy and they even provided child care for free so we adults could enjoy service with out worry. I left my contact information with the front desk and thought "wow that was not what I was thinking this would be at all. I kinda don't want to leave" 

That thought terrified me. And because of fear I didn't return for a while. About a year later I attended another service. Again I was filled with joy and light. It was an odd feeling for sure and once again I became afraid. What did this mean for me? I  am a leader in my pagan community. I have young witches looking up to me. How does God and Jesus fit into that? Would I be hurting those I lead? It was such a hard thing to wrap my head around. So once again I fled.  

We suffered a tragic loss in our family. The night I found out I prayed to God. I figured 'pray to the thing that this young person believed in. Pray to God because he knows them and can help them.' We went to the funeral and that Sunday I needed to go back to church. I needed the praise music. I needed the light and love and most of all I needed to pray for my family. 

I have always been and outsider for the family I married into. I've always been the odd one who is too whimsical for their day to day consumption. But that has never stopped me from loving them. They were in pain and I was lost. There is no spell that I could cast with out their permission, there was no ritual that would heal their grief. And even if I did drudge one up, I wouldn't perform it. Grief HAS to be experienced. It's how we grow. I couldn't do anything magical. But I could pray. 

This church has a time where you can get up and light a candle or put a prayer on the cross, take communion or pray with a prayer group. I had a candle lit for the life we lost at home, I lit another one at church. I also lit one for the family. Then I asked the prayer group to pray for my family, pray for the young children that were hurting. And prayed they did. I was moved to tears.The power of spirit there was overwhelming. It was a life changing moment. I continued to go back every Sunday after that. It wasn't until the sunrise service on Easter Sunday did I feel moved to be more in the church. It was this deafening 'let me take away your pain and make you new.' Again I became afraid. Now not only was I a leader in our pagan community, a teacher for those new to the craft but I was also a writer for two pagan websites! How could a pagan leader be baptized and not be a fake in either world? 

Many prayers, and many meditation sessions, many tarot spreads and many pendulum readings later I decided to just wait for a sign. You know the sign that tells you just what to do . The one that says 'do this!' Weeks go by and my daughter starts asking me to take her to church. I was coming up with every excuse in the book. My dear friend offered to take her for me. A month or so goes by with my daughter going to church with out me and I realize that she needs me to take her. As grateful as I am for the willingness of my friend I needed to be the one to walk with her on her journey. 

I didn't want to go to church. I didn't want to wake up early and get dressed and go. But I did. At the end of the service there was a meeting for new volunteers. My daughter was adamit about going. So we did. Seeing all the good this church did not only for our community but for the nation and the world blew me away. I had asked the spirits for a way to do more in the world and a way for me to help people. And here it was! Just not in the shape I thought I would find it. 

A month later, and many volunteer hours later I walk into church one Sunday morning and see the baptism pool set up. My heart fell. the first thought was, I missed my chance to start new, I missed my chance to be cleansed. I missed my shot to be wrapped in Gods arms. It brought me to tears. I was shocked at how upset I was. I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN WHY DOES IT MATTER?! kept going through my head. I spent the entire service crying. The theme that week was welcome home. Another sign. At the end of the service the pastor said they had clothes and towels for those who have been moved and are ready to accept God. It took all of my strength not to run out to the hall shouting ME ME I AM READY!!! I waited until it was time to respond and told my daughter to stay with my dear friend. 

Walking up to get a t-shirt and shorts and get checked in I started crying again. With a huge smile on my face I declared my intentions. Another pastor who I had been working with and who had sat and listened to my pain and my story had this huge smile on his face and asked for the honor of performing my baptism. Of course I agreed! I got changed and walked into the chapel. The sound that greeted me was a chorus of people singing praise songs and the look on my daughters face was joy. I became overwhelmed again. Was this really something this witch was going to do? Would the water boil around me? I was terrified but knew in my heart this is what I was supposed to be doing. I had no idea how it would work with all my magic but I knew I was supposed to do this. The water was warm and heavy when I sat down.  Which was really strange to me because water is usually something that is my happy light place. I could tell you the prayer my friend and pastor said to me, I cant tell you what song was on while I was in the pool of holy water. all I could hear was ringing and all I could see was this blinding light. Even with my eyes closed. I plugged my nose and crossed my arm and went under. I was breathless almost instantly. The water got lighter, the brightness went from around me to with in me and I was up out of the water before I knew it. The sound that replaced the ringing was my daughter chearing and clapping. and I was quickly surrounded by people Huggins me and welcoming me home. 

 I didn't have much time to gather myself before my daughter met me in the bathroom and said "I want to get baptized." I asked if she wanted to do it next time or this time and she said  "now." 

The pride I felt, the joy I felt...I can;t explain it. We rushed to get her ready. and her pastor was the one to baptize her.  My daughter, whose name literally means life of God came out of the water smiling from ear to ear. Her aura was humming and she was so happy! 

Seeing this I realized that my daughter and I had just experienced God in pure form. We had been moved by a spirit of God. It was then that I realized as well that no matter what I would find a way to balance my magickal side and my rediscovered Christian side. 

Which leads me to the point of the article. 

Can you be both? Can you be a Christian and a Witch? There is scripture that says those who practice sorcery will be burned alive. And there are many witches who will not tolerate Christians around them. How do I balance that?  How do I explain who I am to both sides? 

I meditated and prayed about it. What I came up with was simple. According to the bible God made me who I am. God Made me a strong woman who has the ability to commune with spirits, read tarot and help heal. He Gave me the ability to teach and to accept everyone so he already accepted me as I am. He loves me magic and all. Now how to work with the elements and the Goddess. Most of my work was done with elements and honoring the earth. A spell is energy and intent. Reiki is energy and healing as well. I still celebrate the sababts but I also attend church. 

I say it doesn't matter what you believe in. It doesn't matter who you pray too. All that matters is that you area a good person. That you are doing good in the community and living a good life.  I am a pagan witch and I also have been called by God. I am a Christian pagan