Sponsors and Monthly Give Aways

It takes team work and support to make any community successful. This community is no different. We are so thankful to have the support and love we have received so far. As a thank you to those who help make this dream a reality for all of us please take a moment and look through our sponsors! Once a month we will be doing a give away. Details to follow. Thank you for being here. You help make our cauldron bigger and everything we could ever imagine. 

~Accalia Esme


Click here for a list of our sponsors. 


Our first sponsor!

Sponsor Felicia West independent consultant with Paprazzi

Felicia West is a magical mommy! She has offered to be our first sponsor! Paparazzi is all nickle and lead free. Everything is $5 plus tax! We love our Paparazzi Jewelry!  Go check Felicia out on her website for some amazing accessories!