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Organizing Magical Space


As a wife and mother of two I find it hard to keep up sometimes. Throw in working as a substitute teacher and running two businesses and balancing family and friends, you can almost guarantee  that when it comes to me time its small and rare. But my magical space is all about me. Its about my Gods and my tools, my journey along my personal path. So how do I keep it organized?

Truth is it isnt sometimes. There are times like now my altar is home to coven tools, spare socks that need a friend, important school papers and my Audry Hepburn style sunglasses. None of these are helping my personal magical journey. Not one of these items are helping me in my craft. In fact those friendless socks may be orphans! 

I've had people say "I wish your altar space was organized better. It would make you so much happier." and "Your stunted in your craft because your altar is cluttered." Neither are true. See beneath the orphaned socks, fashionable eyewear, and half a tree in school trash, I mean paperwork, my altar is organized. All of my candles, incense, matches and cauldron live in my top drawer. My spell work needs reside in my middle drawer and my seasonal decorations hibernate in my bottom drawer. My magical books have their own bookshelf. As do my tarot cards. I have a special cabenet full of my personal BOS's and note books along with books I'm writing. 

My altar is my own. Do I use it daily? No. I wish I did. I'm working on scheduling some of that magical me time. Is my organization perfect? Absolutely not! Far from it actually! But it works for me. 

See there are tons of self help books about the "perfect" organization of everything. I personally believe we try to organize everything we physically own because we want more control in life. Much like Disney's picture perfect home/life. 

However life is messy, unorganized random and stylish. And hell yes there are things in life that need to be thrown away! 

 I see those Pinterest worthy Altar settings. And every now and then that's what mine looks like. I love those times but it being perfect isn't me either. Organization doesn't change how much I use it. 

See magic is organic. There is no right way or wrong way to practice. No right or wrong way to follow your path. We are all a mess. That's the secret. And we all want to just be accepted, my altar included. 

So no matter what GOOGLE, Instagram, Pinterest, or some self help  book may say, your altar is just right. Find what works for you. Then enjoy your magical Journey. Who knows you may find that lost sock.

~Accalia Esme


Personal Power Rangers: Children & the use of Magick Spells


By E. Massey

A child’s imagination can take them to worlds we can only dream about, and for some adults that does not even happen. The possibilities are endless if we let a child play and allow them to take on the roles they choose. A perfect example of this, is after a child watches their favorite TV show or movie and for the week following that child will “be” and act out the scenes and characters they saw. As adults, we see the child flailing around or punching the air and think they really have lost it this time. But in the child’s mind they are creating wind with super powers or beating up a monster. The one thing we forget is they are actually seeing this happen. Sound familiar? If you are well versed in spell craft and Witchcraft, this is exactly what we as Witches do. What the children are actually doing is tapping into their personal power without even knowing it. Children are full of magick and they actually know how to use it. They just lack the information behind the magick. It’s up to adults to teach them this information and how to wield this power properly. Some may argue that a child does not have the will to create change because they are missing the intent. Bull dinkies!  When the child is making a pretend dinner for you, they are not only imagining the ingredients and items they are “using”. They are preparing it with love and envisioning the ways that you will enjoy it. Though it is in its most basic element, this is intent. When children have a pre-notion of an idea or outcome and combine it with the unconditional love that children possess, this is intent at its purest form. 

Role-playing is an excellent opportunity for introducing the fundamentals of person power, magickal theory, and meditation. It can take children to places they are unlikely to visit such as the moon or under the sea where they can meet dragons, animals or even Batman. The possibilities are endless to the child’s imagination and for parents to find magickal “teaching moments”.

A few months ago, my “spiritual” nephew was having some trouble with another child in his class. What made it even worse for him, was that him and his teacher clashed in personality, so there was no support in what he was going through with his classmate. It had gotten so bad for him, emotionally that he didn’t care about his studies. Now, before you go into “TAKE ACTION” mode, from an adult point of view, this was more of an everyday normal social interaction that all children go through and not an aggressive bullying situation. However, my nephew can sometimes put his emotions forward and let certain things have a deeper meaning than others. The fact that I live with my “spiritual” sister and her children in our own little “Witchy” commune as we like to call it, magick is a part of everyone’s life in the household. So, we decided what better than to use this opportunity as a magickal teaching moment and together we would write a spell to help him with his situation. This of course would not only help him with his current situation, both by adding a little needed magickal push and to give emotional support to himself, but it would also help in his magickal studies.

We elected to perform his spell during a full moon ritual, in that way he can harness the power of strength and emotion, rather than using the current times waxing moon of growth. Although, the spell was written as a group effort, he would have the chance to perform the spell all on his own. 

If you plan to do this spell with your child, allow them to do as much as possible, of course, this all depends how far they are in their magickal studies. 

Sweet Water Bottle Spell for Children

Items Needed: Paper, Pen, A Small Bottle filled with water w/ tight fitting lid, Sugar

Have the child write down the names of people bothering your child, explain to them to picture in their mind these people leaving them alone and to see themselves have a good day at school or another place involved. Have them keep writing the names over and over until the paper is filled. Do this on both sides of the paper. When the paper is completely full.


“_____names___, your words cannot hurt me,

Your thoughts can not harm me.

You cannot harm me!!!”

Next, have them add the sugar to the water and say: 

“From now on ____names___,

Will say nothing but sweet words about me.”

Lastly, fold the paper 3 times (you may seal it with wax) and say:

"With the energy of the moon I fix this spell,

For the good of all and with harm to none.”

“So, mote it be!”

Drop it in the water, close the bottle tightly, and shake it.  The child may shake it whenever they feel that they need to have these people who names are written be sweeter to them. Keep the bottle until the paper has completely dissolved. 

Releasing Spell


 Sometimes releasing seems like the most impossible thing to do. Letting go of anger or trying to get through depression or grief is so hard because it almost becomes a safety or comfort zone from the world. Holding on to these things can break you down mind, body and spirit. This is why releasing spells are so important in our Magickal practices. First and foremost, know this about a releasing spell, for the spell to work you must really mean it that you are ready to let go of what torments you otherwise the spell will not manifest. Before you cast your spell you will need to cleanse yourself with sage or palisanto, and ground yourself while doing so. You will need:

4 crystals that represent North, South, East and Westto write down what it is that you wish to release 
2 white candles to represent the Goddess and God

an offering for the Gods
a burning bowl
Place the crystals at their respective directional point and cast your circle. Once the circle is cast you will need to center and ground yourself inside the circle. While holding your list, cast the spell
                    " By Moon and Sun, Goddess and God, I call upon their energies                          and strength to help me release the things in my life that may harm my
                   spirit I burn away their existence in my mind so that I may heal. So                        Mote it Be!"
After you recite this say aloud the things on your list, as you are speaking these words imagine all that you want to let go of escaping from your mind out into the universe burning away forever. You will then light the list on fire and place it in the burning bowl. After the list is finished burning close your circle. Take the ashes from the list and mix them with salt, you have black salt for your apothecary. Release and heal for your health Dearies!!
~ Amaris Devona


Shielding Spell


                          As Magickal being we Witches are very susceptible to many different energies throughout our day. Being that a great number of us are Empaths it can be very hard to block out the noise and it can be a struggle to be in crowds without getting extremely drained by all the energies. Something that can help with this is a shielding spell. There are many ways to do a shielding spell but I'm going to give you one that you can perform anywhere. 

                         First, you will need to ground and center yourself. Next picture in your mind all of your Magick, power and energy forming a glowing orb in your hands. Then recite this chant in your mind. 

               " I am harnessing my Magick power and energy so that it may form a                         shield  around me to protect me from me from any energy that mean me                     harm or drains me. So Mote it Be! "

                         After you have done this imagine the glowing orb expanding around you like a bubble. Then imagine bringing the bubble as close to you as you can get it, almost as if this orb of power has become like a second skin. You will have invisible armor to shield and deflect the energies that are trying to get in and drain you!

~ Amaris Devona   

Welcome to Spell it Out Saturday!


Hail and welcome magical beings! 

Welcome to spell it out Saturdays! 

Typically on this part of our site you will find spells for protection, banishing spells, spells for good health, communication spells ect. I personally do not do love spells. (More on why later) Or money spells. To me personally they are spells of personal gain and I just don't feel at ease with those kinds of spells. 

You will also find the basics of spell casting and the dangers of spell casting. We will also touch on what makes magic dark or light. 

This will also be the home of recipes for foods, teas, and oils! So keep checking in with us for more spells and fun! 

Protection Spells



We all want to keep ourselves, our homes and our loved ones protected. We can do that with protection spells and crystals. There are no two protection spells alike, and each one can be different depending on the situation and what you need to be protected against. Protection spells are crucial part of our divination and magickal works. If you are feeling negative energies that make you feel unsafe or that you may deem harmful in a anyway, it can drastically affect your Magick. Being that there are so many forms of protection spells I'm going to focus on the two most basic. Many other spells can be tricky and as I am unaware of exactly where you are on your magickal path these are simple and neutral ground. So for protection spells especially when they are very simple to preform I like to come up with my own spell at I feel will most efficient in protection.

For example " I am ridding this house of negative energy and protecting it against hose that mean it harm.  Great Mother Goddess please surround this home with your light and protection. Blessed Be."

I'm going to start by going over a simple house protection spell. So using the spell written above, start walking around your home burning sage reciting the spell. Do this three times around the entire home. Next take salt and walk around the perimeter of your home poring salt reciting the spell again doing this 3 times. Just as simple as that. 

The spell I'm going to finish with is casting a protection spell on an object that you carry with you is everywhere. Ex: a crystal, necklace, ring, broach or stones of any kind. This spell is very quick and easy. You will need to choose your item and write your spell. I'm going to provide a spell or you can create your own.

" I choose this ( insert random object ) to protect me from what brings me harm. Let it be filled with the scared energy and protection of the Goddess. By the Moon and Sun I will be protected by her. So Mote it Be!" 

Recite this three times while holding the object putting as much positive energy into it as possible, and your spell will be complete. Happy protecting Dearies!!

~ Amaris Devonna 


The Dangers of Spell Crafting/ Magic Works


Hail and welcome! 

     Today I would like to cover a very serious topic with ya'll, the dangers of magic. Magic is something organic that has an energy all of it's own. When using a force like nature/ magic you need to exercise extreme caution, especially with new or untried spells/prayers. 

      Think of a time where you discovered your magic. Did you feel that jolt of energy and embrace? Or did you fear it and run away? when casting a spell you have to realize that magic indeed comes at a cost. Sometimes the cost is as little as a few min to just cast the spell/prayer. Other times the cost is materials, time and energy. 

     Energy is a big, no huge, issue for modern withches. With TV's, cell phone and computers ect, we are pulled in a hundred different directions all at once. This barrage of constant information can drain your energies. Spell crafting and circle casting aw hell even tarot takes energy. And that brings us to our first danger of magic. 

    When doing any kind of magic work you should always ground, center, and cleanse yourself when you're done. Grounding yourself is just taking a moment to connect to the energies of the earth. Centering is taking a moment to gather yourself and take a few deep breaths. Prepare for what you are about to do. After a circle or ceremony is finished you should release or cleanse yourself of all residual energies that no longer benefit you. I personally like to end a ceremony with a bit of personal meditation. 

   When your focus in on other things besides the magic at hand you run the risk of your intent for your spell or ritual coming out sideways. So it is very important to prepare for what you are about to do. Make sure you have all your materials near you and that you know what spell you are doing. If you plan of doing a ritual make sure you know how the ritual is to be done and all the steps. (not memorized but well read) Please remember that we can not force someone to change their free will to do your bidding. I have seem more than a few witches suffer the consequences for that. 

     If while you are reading a spell, ritual or ceremony and are unsure of a words meaning, please don't hesitate to reach out to anyone in the magical community to help. When you don't know the meaning of a word your brain slows down the process and makes your brain make a bit of a speed bump. (this I know from personal experience) 

     Something most eager new witches are quick and eager to do is jump right into spell crafting. But the journey to find your path is the path we should all walk. Imagine it like this. 

   You are a new member on the JV volley ball game. The student's dont pay on the varsity team their first game. They need to train and figure out how to work with the team the best. This is no different. Study what you are about to do. Make sure you know all the players and practice before you cast. Most of all be safe. 

Many blessings! 

Accalia Esme


Candle magic


Candle magic is a very common form of spell crcrafting. I personally enjoy candle magic.  Being able to cast my spell by lighting a candle and letting it burn down is very helpful as a mom of two.  When asked what kind of spell I perform the most, the first thing that comes to mind is protection spells. I do a lot of protection spells. And have found a great way to do that is by carving a protection sygil into a candle of the person I am casting for's choice and then having them write their names on the bottom of the candle. A simple chant while the candle is burning down and that's a spell. 

As a mom of two I am usually running around like a mad woman getting to all the wonderful places the kids need to go. It doesn't leave much time for my self. Especially when I run my own business! I prefer quick and powerful spells.  Ones that arent too complicated. Candle magic is the perfect fit. 

Do you remember as a kid blowing out your birthday candles and making a wish? That was magic! Yep even as a kid you did magic! Candle magic is all about intent and focus for me. When I carve my protection sygil in to my candles and light them I focus on the flame and envision a protective bubble around the person, object or place. It's my intent that is carried most in that spell. 

There are many different kinds of candle magic spells out there. A quick search and you'll find hundreds! I will caution against spells for personal gain as well as spells that would take away someone's free will. (I personally do not do love spells at all. The lines can be really blury on these spells so I err on the side of caution.) 

You can try writing your own candle spell as well! Light a candle of your choosing and speak your spell to the flame while focusing on the end result of your spell! 

When doing candle magic please remember to keep the flame away from fabric or other items that may catch on fire easily. Also remember to keep your candles in a fire safe holder. I always keep a bottle of water near by just in case. Especially with little ones and kittens! 

I hope you have fun with your candle magic! Look next week for how to carve your spells into candles! 

Accalia Esme