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Familiars and How They Find You


      When I was young I watched our farm cat give birth to a litter of kittens. I fell in love with an all white runt. She was a fighter. Being young I named her snowball. A few weeks in she passed away. When we moved to AZ a white female Kitten found me. Despite my families efforts they couldn't keep the kitten away. We eventually let the sweet Kitten stay. Because we had large dogs my grandmother insisted the kitten remain outside. She left us shortly before we moved again. 

     I happened to adopt a kitten 10 years ago, right around the time I came back to my path. She was a runt as well. Saved from a box on the side of the road, we named her Riley. Soon she became my familiar. 

     A familiar is an animal that has a strong connection to you. They help you in the magical area as well as protect you spiritually. Familiars can boost your magical abilities as well as guide you through your magical journey. 

     Riley was a beautiful cat. She was my guide and I considered her my child. Riley was always good about telling me when it was time to read my tarot cards. She would take the bag in her teeth and pull it toward me. When she'd bring the cards to me, the read was always more powerful. I started noticing when I would feel a tingle in my palm she would bring me my cards. 

     I fully credit Riley for teaching me to listen to my body's intuition signals. When my daughter was born there was hardly a night Riley wasn't near her while she slept. When my son was born she'd stay in between both of their doors all night. Because of Riley's crazy meowing one night outside my son's bedroom we were able to  bring down his fever and get him looked at quickly.  Before Riley left us she said goodbye. We didn't notice it at the time. But looking back it is clear. Riley had a habit of slipping her collar. We'd always find it usually behind the couch. This time it was on top of my tarot cards. Each of the kids beds had a toy of hers on them. She got out Christmas eve and was hit by a car. She had been fighting feline leukemia for quite some time. She knew it was her time to go. 

    Four years later we decided to try fostering kittens. All male, two were solid black one was a tuxedo. The smallest black one (we called LJ) always purred when I came into the room. He had to sit or lay on my shoulder to sleep and any time he could he kiss/ lick my eyes. (something Riley did frequently) Little LJ was my buddy. And tried as I might I fell for him. LJ got a case of the kitten yucks (that's what the vet called it)  And needed to stay at the shelter for a week. Leaving that little boy just about ripped my heart out. 

      My Husband is not a cat person. He was dead set on never having another cat. But almost daily he would ask if I had heard how LJ was doing. When we got the call saying he was better I litterally cried with joy. When I got to the shelter LJ started clawing and meowing to get to me. the vet tech said it was the first time they heard him meow. We were happy to have our favorite foster kitten home. the days ticked closer to adoption day. As each day passed the whole house got more and more quiet. Finally I caved and asked my husband if we could keep him.  To my surprise he said yes! You know those videos where the kid falls to the floor crying over her puppy that shes wanted forever? Yeah that was me. Thirty years old sobbing over this little furball. Very soon LJ was renamed Toothless. 

     My little toothless is my snuggle bug 80% of the time. He greets me at the door when I come home and when ever I'm not feeling well he is always within arms reach. 

     Riley had this habit of licking my eyeslashes and then putting her nose on mine. She would only sleep on my shoulder or chest. One night not soon after the adoption was final, toothless jumped up onto my chest , purring as usual. He began licking my eyelashes. I could not move. I was frozen in shock. When he finished he placed his tiny nose on mine and lovked eyes with me. It took a few moments but finally I plucked the courage to say "Riley?" Almost instantly Toothless jumped up and began purring even more loudly while rubbing his body all over me. I broke down into tears. When Riley got out I asked my pendulum id I would ever get Riley back. When I found her dead I just assumed I read the answer wrong. But here was this kitten who was so much like Riley and responded to the name. The pendulum was right after all. Riley did come back to me. Not in her body but her soul definately did. Toothless enjoys playing wiht my dream catcher on nights before I lucid dream. And just like Rily, he tells me when its time to read my tarot cards. 

     Familiars have a way of finding us when we least expect it. Your heart will know almost immeadetly who they are to you. Even after death your familiar will find you again and again. Familiars are an extension of you and your magical journey. Sometimes we need to grow with out them for a while. Remember we may have many animals in our lifetime, but our animals will only have us for their entire lives. If you ever wonder if your pet is  your familiar don't be afraid to ask it. .they will find a way to show you if they are. 

~Accalia Esme


The Super Hero Inside Us.


    This long weekend I snuggled up on the love seat and binge-watched Supergirl. My husband had watched season 1 already so I plunged in at season 2. While enjoying a great story line with wonderful character arcs and writing that was not at all afraid to touch on very serious political issues. I was inspired. The inspiration to do more, be better, and fight harder flooded me. 

   While on my way to get groceries a thought occurred to me. In our house super heroes are a staple. We are massive geeks and we are proud of it! What blows me away is how many of us all are! The thought that inspired this article was this...Why do so many people love super hero stories?

    This is what my little ole brain scrounged up. We as a whole love super heroes because we want to be them. Not so much with the abilities. ( I mean it would be totally bangerang to have super speed to get house work done in half the time.)  But we all wish we could make a difference like they do. We all want the super cool not blood family and friends they have. We all want our lives to mean something in the end. We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. By watching these shows, movies, and reading the comic books  we feel like we can take down the big villain.  We feel inspired. We feel like part of the team. 

     If we allow ourselves the chance we'll see we are already super heroes though. As a mom my kids think that I can fix anything, defeat the scary monsters and still stuck them in at night. As a sister and friend I show no matter what I will come flying to help. As a teacher  I get to inspire young minds to do what's right.  I get to inspire them to stand up to the villains, defend the civilians and find their superhero team. 

     As an adult we have so many choices to make. There is so much pressure on us all to be one way or another. Seeing out favorite super heroes go against that and be accepted makes us feel like we can be too. 

     We are all super heroes, just in different ways. When we see a fellow mo struggling with hands full and we help we are exactly the way all super heroes are. We are thinking of and helping others. When you see injustice and speak up for what's right we are super heroes. When we love everyone with out prejudice we are being just like   our favorite superheroes. No we can't fly. But we can come wicked close. When we choose to think of others, help each other, stand up for what's right, put down our fists and rase up our voices, when we love everyone equally, when we live our lives with those morals that we see the super heroes display we soar to new heights! So be a real life hero and let your big heart and positive light shine. No cape needed! 

~Accalia Esme 


Etched Candles


We all know that a form of magic that all use is candle magic. We've all blown out the birthday candles on top of our cakes and made a wish. This is the most simple form of magic. As we get older and find our way onto our magical path we learn that there is so much more about candle magic that we can discover. I have used etched candles for years. Simply because having a candle that matched the ceremony or spell that I was doing made it feel stronger for some reason. Upon further research I discovered sygils. When I realized that I could carve the sygils into my candles to protect my home or bring health to a friend who is feeling ill I was super gun ho about giving them out to all my family and friends. I even ventured into making the candles from scratch and adding herbs and oils to increase their power. 

If you would like to purchase an etched candle I would suggest Enchanted. It's a great shop full of all the bits and bobs you need for your spell craft as well as etched candles. They are amazing at discovering the best type of etching that you need on your candle and helping you achieve your basic intent. The price tag at around $30 a candle is a bit much for my mommy purse. So I have found that carving my own candles can be just as effective. I use wood carving tools and my own oils and corresponding glitter color. I really enjoy sitting with a great incense and some great music and just carving as my intuition tells me too. I have found some really powerful candles that way. 

When you start carving your candle choose one that is the color that will fit your spell or ceremony the best. I choose to carve a pentacle into the bottom of each of my candles. You can choose to do this as well or a triquetra. I either make my own candles or pick up a few pillar candles from the dollar store. Once I decide on what spell or ceremony I am going to be using the candle for I get to work. I find it easier to work from the top to the bottom. Play around with your method see what works best for you. Once you have your candle carved coat it in an oil that corresponds with your spell or ceremony, one that will enhance your intention. If you choose you can cover it in glitter. Make sure you wear gloves. The oil and the glitter can get super sticky and messy. Place it in a fire safe container and burn for the length required. 

Remember that all spells need top be casted with pure intention. Make sure to be safe in your casting and ceremonies. Keep in mind that you need others permission to cast for them and not to impeed on others free will. Share your carved candles! We'd love to see your creations! 

Happy carving!  

Accalia Esme


Energies Through Stones and How They Communicate With You


                       Crystals and Stones play a huge role in our Magickal practices. Stones and crystals are so important because they used in most of the things we do with magick; they can be used for grounding, healing, strength, bringing positive energy and ex spell negative energy, protection, enhancing your magick and a multitude of other things. We connect with stones and crystals through energies, as Witches we are empaths so we feel energies more than other, just like we pick up on the energies of people we essentially do the same with stones. The energies will either effect up positively or negatively.   

                     Choosing the right ones for you can be a difficult task; not all stones will resonate with you. There will be stones and or crystals that you will have to use for different spells and rituals that don't connect or communicate with you at  all. When a stone connects with you, you will just know at your core. It is a feeling that will just hit you.                    When you pick up different stones and crystals, after a few minutes you will start to feel their energies begin to course through your hands. In feeling this energy you will find out if their energy connects with yours, some stones my make you feel calm and at peace others may give you a head ache or make you feel off. For example my stone of choice is amethyst when I am holding it or it is on my person I feel so grounded, protected and strong, how ever green jade makes feel like I have hundreds of pin pricks and make my third eye hurt when I touch it. When you finally find the stones that connect well with you it can aid tremendously with your Magickal workings. Happy hunting Witches!!!
~ Amaris Devona 


Welcome to magic Monday's


Good morning you magical being! I hope your weekend has been relaxing. This magic Monday I wanted to introduce the section and myself a little. So go grab your coffee or tea and a snack and join me for a little Magic Monday morning break. 

Monday's are hard. As a mom of two school age children I prepare for the tears and the 'I don't wanna's' the night before and just hold my breath when the alarm goes of for the fifth and last time. After I peel two young ones up and get them going I usually just wanna crawl back in bed and sleep! But I've found myself lately just turning on natural sounds and piano music on Pandora and Picking up old study books and relaxing for an hour before I attack the busy mom with 3 jobs schedule. 


Monday's have a magic to them that many (myself included) over look. For example. If your local weather permits it, pop outside at some point today and look up. You'll find  the moon in the sky. I'm always amazed at the fact that we can always see the moon. It's a little magic for me. If you're near a beach today's element is water. I'd go sit on the shore today if my schedule wasn't insane. 

Magic Monday's will typically cover one of the following subjects: 

History of magic (not Harry Potter History of Magic but the history of paganism/ wicca) 

The different sects of paganism. 

How magic has been affected through the ages. We will also do focus articles on Deities! Kinda like a meet this Deity! 

We will go more into daily correspondences and things like that next Monday. ( for a great site with all of the correspondences and much more go to they are amazing! And very informitive) 

Well I look forward to writing for you again in the very near future! I hope you enjoyed this article. Please leave any feedback or comments/concerns that you may have! We love to hear from yall!

Until next time! Be blessed! 

Accalia Esme

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Who Put the K in Magick



Happy Magick Monday drearies! So we in the magickal community naturally put a "k" at the end of Maigck when we spell it out, or at least I do. Ever wonder why it's there, or who put it there?
According to Urban Dictionary, Magick means an effort to make a change in ones life by using ones own personal energy and the energy of the surrounding elements. While yes Magick deals with energy and elements. It is so much more than just our own energies and I do not think Magick is all personal gain. We use Magick to help others to the best of our abilities. Magick is mostly thought to be of the devil or wicked, as we do not believe in the devil it simply not possible. It nothing more then an Earth based, polytheistic, energy and element religion.
So exactly who was it that added the unique "k" at the end of Magick? Aleister Crowley born in 1875 and died in 1947. He started a religion called Thelema and in the 1900s he added the "k" to the end of Magick. Crowley had several reasons for the addition of the "k". The main reason for it was to keep separate his beliefs and the slight of hand or tricks of the mind "stage magic" that became popular during the era. His belief was that Magick was anything that moves a human towards their destiny, which he referred to as one's True Will

Many believe that from his writings that the word Magick had a numerical importance to Crowley. Six and eleven show up frequently in his works. Magic went for five letters to six and "k" is the eleventh letter of the alphabet. Crowleys true definition of Magick was, " the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will." Aleister Crowley was known to have many literary works. Not only did he write about philosophy, politics and culture, he was a renowned playwrite and poet. Just a small look into the nonconformist and idealistic man that gave us our "k". 

Amaris Devona 

Past Lives and Their Affect On Us



Past Lives and How They Affect Your Life Today

  By Accalia Esme 
     Reincarnation and past lives have existed for thousands of years. Over half the world believes in afterlife in some form. Out of them only 7% believe in reincarnation. One of the main beliefs in reincarnation is having past lives. Many of these past lives influence who we are and our egos. Our past lives influence the way we do just about everything. Frequently people in your life have had interaction with you in past lives as well. 
    How can you tell if you've had a past life? Well there are many ways to know if you have experienced a past life before. Here are some signs that you may experience if you have had a past life. 
  Recurring dreams: When you dream what do you dream about? Do your dreams ever happen over and over again? I personally dream frequently about a magic school of sorts. Except it is set in rolling green hills and we are all wearing long flowing tunics. Having dreams that happen over and over again especially if it's in a time period before ours is a big sign that you have experienced life before this one. 
   Strong Intuition: Ever have that feeling that something is wrong with a close friend or family member and then gotten a call or a text saying you were right? As our soul ages and experiences more lives, our intuition or 'gut' learns how to detect small signals a newer soul may miss.     Deja-Vu: You know the feeling that you get from time to time, like you've been here before or done this before? That's Deja-Vu. It is usually triggered by a sound or sight or smell that brings back memories of past lives. 
   Empathy: When your neighbor is telling you about a family member struggling and your heart aches for them you are experiencing Empathy. While everyone is empathetic there is a different level of empathy that we who have had past lives experience. There is an old Wives tale that says if you are empathetic with a person it is likely you shared a past life with them. 
    Feeling older than your actual age: "Young at heart" or "old souls" We've heard these phrases frequently. But they carry meaning. Like an old woman who doesn't act her age or displays child like qualities more than mature ones. Or a young child who displays qualities far beyond their years. These are examples of new and old souls. Although there is no such thing as a "new" soul. Every soul has had past lives. Some just more than others. I have a theory on how souls 'age' differently but we'll get to that later. 
    Having a particular draw or passion for a certain culture, time period, or enviroment: Having past lives leaves finger prints on our soul. Like a well worn book. The most well read sections just open. Your soul is like a book. The parts where you've experienced life before just open right up! 
   Fears and phobias: My mother is terrified of water. She's working on it. But you can tell she's drowned before. I have an unjustified fear of not being able to walk. Even as a child I would pull myself around like I couldn't walk to get practice for it later.  And while practicing my breath would hitch and I was scared. There is no explanation for these fears in this life. I have never lost the ability to walk in this life. But I'm still scared. This does't mean I let it stop me. But more on that in another article. 
    The chronic feeling of being tired no matter how much you sleep: I have multiple Sclerosis. Because of my MS I get tired quickly. However I used to be able to sleep for an entire day and wake up still tired. When your soul has been through a few turns it begins to search for home or the finish line. This also explains why we as magical beings have more chronic illnesses than non magical or new souls. 
    The subconscious holds all of our past lives. Our brains just don't have the space to store all that information on the surface. (which is a blessing) Not knowing everything that happened in a past life lets us begin again in our new lives with a fresh start. This lets us make new decisions and new connections. If we remembered everything about our past lives we would only search for the people we loved in a prior life with out experiencing anything new. 
     It is possible to remember your past lives.Those who do not practice our faith can have spontaneous memories of past lives. As magical beings we are able to develop psychic abilities and intuition and are able to delve deeper into parts of our brain and souls that others are not able to do. Past lives can help us in how we handle situations. But you have to have the right level of detachment to not let past lives negatively influence your current life.
    There will be some who will tell you they can tell you all about your past lives. But in my experience these past life revelations are usually wrong. Knowing your past life is very personal and deeply spiritual. Some choose not to share their past lives. Many feel that your past lives hold power over you and if you share it with some one they now have that power. 
    It is important to remember not to focus solely on your past lives. The journey your soul is on this time around is what deserves your attention and passion. While knowing your past lives can be great, helpful and entertaining. They are in the past. Your focus needs to be on completing your souls journey. Don't let your past, wither it be the past in this life or other lives, overshadow your present and future. 
    When it comes to famous past lives like Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth the first Joan of Arch and the like, it is likely that you were not them. For example I have always had an affinity for Joan of Arch. When I think back to this time or try to meditate on my past lives I see Joan as one of them. I see the battles. I see her trial and I have massive emotional reactions to the entire situation. That lead me to believe in the early days of my magical journey, that I was Joan of Arch in a past life. However when I dived deeper into my meditation on this past life in particular, I discovered that I was a soldier who fought with her. I watched her trial as her soldier and friend. Had I not dug deeper, had I not tried to get more information I would have never found that. I would have walked thinking that I used to be Joan. Finding out about my role in this past life helped me find other past lives where I was a soldier. Finding these helped me understand my attachment and pride in my country and our Military; my passion and loyalty towards my well equipped leaders... it's all left over from past lives. This knowledge has not changed my life in any way. But it did explain to me a bit of who I am and why I am the way I am. 


 It is possible to have been an animal in a past life. Or become an animal in your next life. However. Typically souls go into humans. Not animals. Reincarnation is about filling a Karmic lesson for your souls journey. Very rarely does that karmic cost result in becoming and animal. But I have met a witch who can describe in detail a life cycle as a bear. She had more information than I think Animal planet does! 

    To some it may seem shes got an unhealthy attachment or obsession. I am inclined to believe her. She was terrified of bears. As a bear and she had gotten into a scuffle over territory with another bear. The other bear killed her. She gets pale and breaks our in sweats when she even sees a picture of a bear. This is a fingerprint or a shadow left from a past life on her current life. Sometimes our past lives have a way of sneaking up on us to remind us of who we are. 

    Lives in Atlantis are completely possible. With as long as humans have been around and on earth it is very possible. Just as it is possible that you have experienced life on another planet. We do not know everything. Therefore we can't say for sure if it's true or not. Some branches of faith do not follow this thought process. I personally feel that we as humans do not have all the answers. And our intuition is developed and strong for a reason. Follow your intuition. Do not let other rain on your parade. 

    Life is a precious thing past and present. We are meant to be loving, giving, there for each other. If we remain truly selfless then we find the path to who we are destined to become. Be true to yourself. Follow your intuition it will seldom lead you wrong. Have faith that all your lives, including this one have brought you to where you are today. Don't deny who you are. You are amazing, powerful and you are meant for greatness.

Accalia Esme


Meditation for Our Young Ones



A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be part of a social-emotional program designed for early education. Its main focus was to help children to be mindful of their own and others emotions through teacher guided activities and meditation. The children were encouraged to practice meditations of body awareness, patience, and relaxation. As teachers, we ourselves were taught not only how to meditate (I was one up on the others there) but also how to encourage children to want to meditate. By using modeling instead of actual lessons, the children were not forced into learning meditation techniques all at once. This method of “teaching” through example provides a stress free and positive outcome for the child and laid the groundwork for later incorporating actual meditation techniques into the classroom.

There are many benefits from meditation for children, not only in the magickal world, but in everyday living as well. Meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety, and aggression. It improves concentration, memory, and creativity. Children who meditate show a better sense of awareness, relaxation, and an overall healthier mind and body. It’s also been thought to strengthen the immune system and can lower the risk of future health problems. As an early childhood educator, I have seen these benefits manifest first hand.

When given the opportunity to observe the meditative practices of an adult, children will most likely want to sit alongside you and imitate what you are doing. By giving your little Witch this opportunity to sit with you during your own meditation practices, they will begin to learn themselves. If you do not have a regular meditation practice, this is a great way to grow and experience mindfulness together.

Below is a technique that I have used in the classroom and in my Little Witches workshops.

A Basic Relaxation Technique for Children

I recommend beginning on your own in a quiet setting, choose a time before a meal or before bed, soon after your child will follow. For older children you can explain to them why you are sitting in silence.

Begin by asking your child if they would like to play a relaxing game with you. Continue only if they show interest. If they show no interest one day they may the following day. I recommend doing the technique yourself, the child will become interested after some time.

Sitting in a chair, ask your child to sit with his or her feet flat on the floor and hands on his/her knees. Using a gentle, slow voice, saying or something similar:

“Look for a spot on the wall that you would like to look at.”

This can be any spot the child chooses. Explain to your child to keep their feet flat on the floor and their hands on your knees.

“Breathe in nice and slow and let it out nice and slow. When you feel your body wants to get wiggly, just say in your head, it’s okay that you’re feeling wiggly.”

“Try to keep your eyes on the spot as long as you can.”

Do this for only a minute or two the first time, and expand by one to two minutes each session. A good practice to maintain is to not exceed your child’s age in the number of minutes you spend in a session.   
FYI: Having a good meditation practice can help encourage children with self-awareness, to be themselves, and have a greater belief in their own potential.

By: E.Massey