Meet your magical writers!

Accalia Esme



Owner, Founder, High Priestess

Hail and welcome! My name is Accalia Esme. I have been High Priestess of the Rowan Tree coven for the last 7 years. While the Rowan Tree coven is a melting pot of all sorts of branches of paganism I personally follow the Greek, Celtic and Native American paths. I have been practicing witchcraft in many forms since I was a young one. I specialize in tarot and divination, but working with spell craft and protection spells are something near and dear to me. As a wife and mother of two the challenge of finding time for my craft is something that I aim to overcome daily. Working with the kids and teaching them about my religion is something magical in of it self. I can't wait to share with you all of the adventures of being a witchy  mommy and wife, and discovering and introducing paths with you. 

Amaris Devona



Co-founder, Executive Editor, Priestess 

Blessed Be and Welcome beautiful souls! My name is Amaris Devona and I have been a Priestess of The Rowan Tree coven for 2 years and have been practicing witchcraft for 5 years. I practice moon magick and I work mostly with Tarot and crystal magick as well. I follow a very Celtic and Native American path. I have 2 familiars cat and dog ( I think my cat is more my hubby familiar haha) I have an open door policy and I am here to help guide you through your journey with paganism. 

Isemma Elder


Senior editor, Priestess. 

Hello! My name is Isemma Elder. I am newer to the world of paganism but that doesn't stop me! I started five years ago when my best friend pulled out a deck of tarot cards and said "pick one". It wasn't long before I was doing readings left and right. Tarot is still one of my favorite things to work with. I am a military wife and mom of two beautiful girls! My journey in the magical world has a long way to go but I look forward to sharing with you the steps I find and the sights I see. 

Pandora Menodora


 Merry meet peeps. I am a corny joker who love to intertwine her life with her craft. I am a Wiccan whose God's are from Greek, West African and Indian pantheons. My main focus in my craft is showing light. I want people to be able to see my crazy life and know that everything I have was graced to me by the Goddess and I would never change that. I hope as you read my articles you will get to know me more.  

Lady Dragonwolf.


Bio coming soon! 



Bio coming soon! 

Star Dust



StarDust has been following the Wiccan/Pagan path since 2011, but has always felt at home with nature. StarDust has a bachelors degree in Psychology but is always learning new things. Being in the sun surrounded by the whispers of the Jersey forrest was her favorite past time as a child. Now, she is currently exploring western North Carolina forrest with her three fur babies and husband.   

E. Massey



E. Massey is an artist, author, teacher, and practicing Witch. As an artist, his surreal styled artwork has been published and featured in numerous books, music videos, and exhibitions around the world. As an author and teacher in both early childhood education (ECE) and “alternative” spirituality. E. Massey has written articles for national ECE magazines and contributed to many educational curriculums. His first book, "Casting Creative Magickal Circles” independently sold over five-hundred copies in the North East alone. In 2018, E. Massey released "A Modern Witch's Curriculum". This highly anticipated subsequent book combines history, science, and hands-on activities in an easy to follow calendar format. Nominated for the 2018 Witch Way Magazine Awards “Favorite Witch Teacher”, E. Massey has facilitated classes and workshops on Witchcraft and magick throughout the U.S. 

E. Massey has been a practicing Witch for over 20 years. Originally trained and initiated into the Gardnerian tradition at the age of thirteen. He now follows his own path of combining traditional Witchcraft with his family’s indigenous spiritual beliefs. He is Aawaatowapsiiks, “a ceremonialist”, commonly known as a “medicine man”.

E. Massey has been the High Priest of The Moonlit Grove, a local community of Witches and Pagans in Pennsylvania for over two years. He is initiated in the Santeria, in which he learns and practices as a separate spiritual path. 

His presence in the community can be seen throughout Pennsylvania, most notably serving on the board of directors for Philadelphia Pagan Pride as the Children and Youth Programming Coordinator and his involvement with the Pennsylvania paranormal group, Paranormal Spirit Finders as a medium/investigator. E. Massey is also a spiritual advisor, healer, an experienced tarot reader, and a Pagan community event organizer. 

More Information on E. Massey can be found at

Beau Woods


 A little about myself, I have taken twenty-five trips around the sun mostly spent wondering the forests of my home in BC Canada. I'm a mother of dogs, cats and plants. My path is ancestral and nature based, honouring the land and my heritage. My passions include divination, (tarot, pendulum and runic readings especially) hiking, herbalism, spirit work, art and photography. I am a driven person who believes it is never too late to learn something new and dig deeper into the craft. I look forward to sharing my own knowledge and experience while continuing to grow on my own path and contribute to this magical platform.   

Ayita Itzel


Hello! I am Ayita Itzel. I've only been writing a short while but love it! I follow a more wiccan path. I am currently 8 years old and will be writing mostly for the Kiddie cauldron! My mother is Accalia Esme. I am super excited to share my point of view and some of the things I discover along my journey. 

Happy reading! 

Lady Robin


 I'm a 54 yr old hereditary, solitary, eclectic white witch. Love using divination tools such as cartomancy, oracle's, intuitive energy reads. I was born into Witchcraft and taught the older more ancient and "folklore" types of magic but have expanded on those on my own. I favor using the elements, especially Gaia, mother Earth for grounding and following the cycles of the moon. Water, air, fire and Spirit as well as The Divine Goddesses and ancestors. Also have family members with Native American ties so I honor and use their ceremonies and beliefs, animal magick and healing through Reiki Energy. I am presently studying an ancient form of yoga called Kemetic yoga based on Egyptian hieroglyphics to heighten your state of enlightenment and ability to access Akashic records. I'm a mentee under a professor of herbology and also a Cherokee Shaman and a mentee of a woman to enhance spell work. Life Long Learner.... 

Elysian Silver Scales


Published Authour of the book "An Elite Dragon Story"  Her specialties include Mythological creatures, plants, and wand wood selections. Talented artist, crafter, and illistrator. She is a martial artist and a student of the paranormal. 

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 



Hello all. My name is Leanne. I have been a pagan for a long time. But before that I was a Christian. Now I find a balance between the two. I am looking forward to sharing a little bit of my experiences with you and maybe opening the floor for some conversations about what magic means to you! 

Thank you for stopping by! 

Be Blessed! 


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