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A Wand Crafting Guide


   When crafting a wand one should use a raw stick or at least a wood that resonates with them. Also keep in mind that different woods have different properties no matter if its a raw stick or a wooden rod from a store. I myself prefer a raw stick as it has more of the energy from nature then a store bought wooden rod.   Though of course one would have more control with what the wand would look like if it was a wooden rod, if the right tools were at hand. I also do not use glue as for me I feel it interferes with the movement of energy. I like to use hemp cord or copper wire to attach things. Copper if of course a great metal for energy movement. Though using copper can be a bit hard.   => Something I always do is have all the elements represented on the wand. Different Element Representatives:  ~> Earth:   Crystals, though they have different properties as well, the crafter should pick what resonates with them.   A tiny vile of dirt or dried plant parts from a special place or special plant.  ~> Air:   A tiny vile of breath from either the crafter or someone special.   Found feathers are best I think, to have more energy from nature  ~> Fire:  A dark burn mark.   A permanent smear of ash from a fire.  ~> Water:  Naturally dyed blue hemp cord thats soaked in water before it was attached.  A small found shell of some kind.   => Also its good to put the wand through each of the elements either while attaching or after the crafting is complete. Doing both is also very good to do to get more elemental energy.   => There are many crystals and woods to choose from, but here is a good list of both.  ~> Crystals And Their Properties:   Amethyst - A natural stress reliever that also encourages inner strength, peace, spiritual growth and intuition.  Black Tourmaline - One of the most powerful crystals for protection and the elimination of negative energy. It helps to absorb electromagnetic energy and unlocks any energy blockages within ones body or space.  Clear Quartz - A stone of clarity that makes active and amplifies intention. It also raises the energy power of any other crystals it comes into contact with. Fairies are quite fond of it.  Dumortierite - Referred to as the stone of patience, opening the doors of insight and activating the third eye chakra. It enhances your willpower in regard to learning.  Fluorite - A crystal that houses rainbows, it helps to restore balance and bring order to chaos. It also heightens focus and brings clarity of mind. Also much enjoyed by fairies.   Garnet - A stone of passion and energy that ensures the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. It connects with your root chakra to help you feel more grounded and connected to yourself in the present moment.  Hematite - The ultimate grounding stone that leaves you feeling more balanced, calm and centered because it eliminates any negativity from your body, drawing it from you into itself.  Jasper - Said to symbolize the blood of the earth. It connects you deeply with the vibrations of the earth, bringing grounding energy and maybe even a deeper understanding of the power of nature.  Labradorite - A crystal of destiny, awareness and power that connects you with the energy of light, it creates an energetic shield that protects your aura and strengthens your personal energy supply. Also another crystal that fairies like.  Lapis Lazuli - A crystal of awareness, insight and truth. It is one of the oldest gemstones, one that has existed in ancient tales since the beginning of time.   Moonstone - The stone of destiny. Strongly connected with the energy of the Moon, it balances the feminine energy within the body.  Pyrite - Invites in success, prosperity and wealth because its reflective surface deflects negative energy to act as a shield of protection. Its also an very fiery crystal and its liked by dragons.  Sunstone - Carries the light and happy energies of the Sun. It’s a very protective stone that stimulates your personal power, creativity, strength and leadership qualities.  Tigers Eye - A solar stone of courage, strength, will and personal power. It helps you to see the positive in any situation and increases feelings of optimism. It’s also wonderful for bringing new opportunities, prosperity and wealth.  Turquoise - Known as the master healer, it’s said to be the bridge between heaven, sky and the earth. As a throat chakra stone, it fosters honest and open communication from the heart.  ~> Woods And Their Properties:  Apple - Has blessings of abundance, female power, all the elements, love, self acceptance, sweetness and alignment with Unicorns.   Ash - Is good for advanced magic, protection, justice and fairies like it. Its also good for making brooms.  Birch - Is the divine female and is good for dealing with anxiety and depression. Its also good for healing, renewal and growth.  Ceder - Is helpful for breaking spells and making an energy felid stronger. Which is great as this also helps with making a sacred space and focusing as well as wisdom.  Coffee - Is great for abundance, Goddess Energy and no surprise productivity.   Elder - Is great for Fairy Communication, blessings, magic, music, protection, female power and graceful shifts.   Elm - Is another Divine Female and great for attracting nymphs as well as dealing with depression and transitions. Its also good at healing     Fir - Is great for Shadow Work, rebirth, regeneration and abundance.  Hawthorn - Is another great one for communication with fairies as well as healing of the heart, weddings, wishes, the embracing of what is and my personal favorite protection from vampires.  Holly - Is great with energy in general as well as victory, protection, positivity and attracting fairies.  Magnolia - Is a great stress reducer as well as wisdom and female power. Its also good for Moon magic.  Maple - Is a great energy director, it fun and also helps with the appreciation of beauty, positivity and harmonious sweetness.  Oak - Is great for divination and manifestation. As well strength, prosperity and victioy. Fairies of course also enjoy oak so it might attract them.   Pine - Is good for clarity, the releasing of guilty and healing. As well as purification and diving harmony.   Yew - Helps with death, rebirth and eternity as well with longevity, visions and making hallowed ground or a sacred space. 

By Elysian Silver Scales

Balancing the Magical you.


Balancing the magical you with the you that you're expected to be. 

     There are many expectations on us all. But especially females. We are taught that we must look, smell, walk and talk a certain way. We  are expected to work just as hard as a male but look cute while doing it. There is an expectation to go to work and hlp your household as well as be the stay at home mom . We are expected to do all and be all. As a witch we are encouraged to allow our true selves to show. Be true to yourself and others. SO how do we keep up with societies expectations and be the best magical you? 

     Many witches, myself included, have to personalities so to speak. One face we keep for personal time and one face we show the world. Having your spiritual side kept private does not mean you are ashamed of it. Some just choose to keep the two separate. 

     As a business woman I must separate the two especially here in the bible belt. As a mom I am open with my children about my chosen path but I do not tell all their friends parents. I choose to keep Accalia separate from Felicia to non-magical people. Not because I am ashamed, I am very proud of my witchcraft side. I choose to keep it personal so my family and I are not judged. 

     I did however, find a way to pay respects to my pagan roots. I incorporate celtic and greek symbols into my accessories. I wear crystals and gemstones and carry amulets with me. 

     Embacing your pagan roots doesnt mean you have to step outside in full ritual garb. I've found giving myself the choice to wear pieces from my ritual gear when I need a boost really helps.  Don't be afraid to explore and step out of your comfort zone. Being bolder with  a few accessories allows me to remember my role as a witch during the busy tech filled day. So son't be afraid to honor yourself. You're a kick ass witch. As long as you know that nothing can stop you. Even if you haven't told anyone about your path, you are stong and brave. However you choose to honor your pagan path in your day to day life is perfect.  cxz 


Magic Can't Fix Everything


I have heard people say "I had a witch cast a spell for me and I saw no results" Right along side "Magic didn't help me so it's not real." Both of these are so so wrong! But as a mom of a special needs child I find myself wishing magic could fix everything sometimes. Regardless of the fact that I know other wise! It's totally human to want that magic wand to be swirled around and all our problems to just disappear. As much as we want that to happen it wont. There is no magic like that. Hollywood has done an amazing job portraying witches in a light that creates unrealistic expectations on magical beings. 

My son is special needs. He also has an amazing ability to hear spirits well before I do. With his condition he doesn't understand what they are or what is going on. It makes my job as mom and witch much more interesting to say the least. With my daughter I was able to teach her how to tell the bad spirits from the good and how to block and reject spirits. I was able to teach her how to meditate and how to cast a personal safety circle if she ever wanted to meditate alone. It's completely different with my son. He can't sit still long enough to finish a coloring sheet let alone meditate. I've tried empowering him a million times with the ability to reject spirits. I can't tell you how many times I tried to get him to learn how to block those things that scare him. I have considered binding his magical ability many times over if for nothing else to keep spirits from trying to contact him. There have been so many nights I have cried myself to sleep over the emotional pain that comes with being a special needs mom. The worry and the fears, the anger and the pain...they all pile on. 

For a while I walked away from my magic. Especially when he first started school and it was becoming increasingly more blatant that he had a problem. Then one night I was moved to light a candle. I remember staring into the flames and bawling my eyes out. In the flames I saw images of my son struggling. I saw him standing alone at recess and I saw him eating alone at lunch. For the next week I went to lunch everyday! I stayed until recess was over. This earned me a title with some of the front office ladies. But I didn't care! My baby boy wouldn't be alone in this! One night towards the end of this week, I chose to meditate and ended up not sleeping well. I got the kids off to school and figured I would nap before lunch. I slept through lunch. I was crushed and so nervous! Would he be okay? Did he eat alone? Did he play with other kids? He came home and was just fine. He did enjoy lunch with a great young lady and they played house on the play ground. He was having a good day. These are rare for him. His anxiety and special needs tend to make these days hard for him. 

But I learned something from that day. I can't be there to hold his hand for everything. This is hard for me to remember. Especially during the summer vacations! I find myself able to push healing and calming vibrations to my daughter. But my son is resistant to them. I can work with my daughter in the magical studies we do every, other day with ease. My son is wall I have to scale and try to get the message across. Then a few night a go he came to me. The whole house was a sleep. He said "I'm not like the rest of you. I can't stop myself from being angry." I asked him why he was angry. His sweet little 6 year old face got really sad. He said "I don't get how things work. I don't know why sissy doesn't like playing what I want to play. I know people don't like me." This broke my heart! I know so many people who love him! I told him this. He crawled into my arms in bed, cute face close to mine and said "People get scared and nervous around me. So they just push me away." It was at this moment my heart screamed for a magical cure for him. There will never be one. My son is Autistic. Many people don't know how to deal with children who are Autistic. Some days I have difficulty with it! It's totally normal. But it makes me wish more than anything I could cast a spell or give him a stone to carry to make him feel more normal. I wish there was a magic wand that I could swish and fix this for him. 

I held him until he fell asleep singing him his favorite songs. Then I went out side and bawled my eyes out. At the peak of my breakdown I heard my spirit guide say to me, "Magic can't help you. But the magic that is the strongest can." Great. Thank you for the cryptic message! I was no longer breaking down I was angry! I needed an answer! I needed help! What help were my magical guides giving me? Riddles? I went to bed and in my dream I saw a light shine from my chest and wrap my son. The next morning when I woke up I realized what it meant. 

Magic can't fix your problems. Magic will never fix my son. Because nothing is wrong with him. He is autistic. Not broken and he needs  my unconditional love. Love...the strongest magic there is next to hope. And he all the magic I need. I am blessed to see magic in him every day! Just today I saw his pure joy at nailing a note on his trumpet! That is magic. And I love it. I hope there a thousand more of those moments! 

The three-fold law, karmic law, Law of return, all tells us that what we put out is what we will get back. So instead of magic to fix issues I am going to send love and hope. Because magic cant fix it all. But I believe that Love and Hope can. Nothing is impossible with Love and hope! 

Accalia Esme


Witch Myths


Growing up I always felt different than the other kids in my class. I could feel things that they didn't quite understand and I could feel like something was going to happen before it did. When I finally realized that I was a witch and I told my friends they asked me some silly questions. 

"Do you ride a broom?" 

   No. Witches do not ride brooms. Although we do use beasoms to sweep away negative energy! The reason this myth started was quite interesting. In the early times... witches were the medicine men and women of their towns. They would often be asked to communicate with spirits or go into trances to divine the future. To achieve this they would often take opiates. Many of these opiates could not be ingested orally they had to be applied topically. The  opiates  took quite a while for results through the skin so often shamans would make the opiates into a paste and place it on a broom handle and insert it into their bodies. We'll leave where to the imagination.

"Do you have black cat?" 

Yes. I do but that is just because love my kitten. Not because he's black. Not all witches have black cats. Many of them don't have pets at all! 

"So you were born a witch? Like are your parents witches?" 

No I was not born a witch. I chose to follow this path. And while my mother and grandmother had the ability to speak to spirits and have the ability to work with the elements, that does not mean that I do simply because of them. 

"You have to train for years to use magic." 

No actually with a little research you can cast a spell anytime you want. As a matter of fact every time you blow out a birthday candle you are casting a spell? 

"Spells are all hexes and curses." 

Not true! Most of our spells are cast to help someone else achieve their desires. We also cast spells to protect and increase love. There are many many spells out there. Not all of them are curses and hexes 

"There are "good" and "bad" witches." 

Again not true. We are all just witches. Our intent can be pure or we can act out of personal gain. But there is not a "bad" witch. 

"Warlocks are evil" 

No sweetie... they are not evil. Warlocks is another name that some male witches choose to use. The name Warlock was colored with a negative light in Hollywood. 

"All witches are women. " 

This is one myth that drives me a bit batty. Witches are all genders, ages, races, and sexual orientations. One thing I love most about paganism is the love and acceptance that we show to all. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! We love helping and talking to our readers. 

Accalia Esme

Welcome to Fun Facts Friday!


Hail and welcome to Fun Facts Friday! Today we will be just kind of introducing the topics we'll cover here. 

Astrology is the study of stars. Astrology has a huge part to play in how the energies of people and animals. It is also a really fun topic to learn about! 

Astral Projection: Astral Projection is in a simple explanation, sending your subconscious elsewhere while your physical body stays put. It may sound like something from a si-fi movie but it can be done and is really fun to do when done safely and correctly. 

Training your familiar: A familiar is an animal who is drawn to you and assists you in your magical workings. However they do not always come with the knowledge of how to best help you! So we will have segments on how to train your familiar so that both of you are getting the most out of the relationship! 

Chakra alignment: Chakra's are very important when you are balancing, grounding and centering. We will discuss how to align them and how to make the most of your chakras. 

Meditation: This is a big one. I am a firm believer that meditation is a HUGE help in many cases! I will provide some tips and tricks to help you maximize your ability to meditate. 

There will of course, be other fun topics and if you have a suggestion on what you would like to see here for Fun Facts Friday please let us know! We are always open for more ideas! 

Hope your Friday was Fantastic!

~Accalia Esme. 

Pendulum 101



Ever have a question you want answers to or something lost that you can't find? Pendulum work can really be useful for that. Pendulum work is really quite simple, a small weight ( usually some type of crystal or metal ) is suspended by a chain or string. You concentrate on what you want to know and the pendulum swings giving you your answers. If it swings back and forth your answer is YES. If the pendulum swings side to side your answer is NO. Easy as that. This does not mean that pendulums are psychic or have powers. Oddly enough they don't know or have anymore information than we do. Confused? Well our mind is able to pick up psychic energies or messages and bits of information. We do this subconsciously. Some call this ability the collective unconscious. Our conscious mind blocks and casts out this ability. So we carry on about our days ignoring the fragments of random information. But, by using a pendulum we connect unconscious and conscious to receive our answers. A pendulum goes off energy, when using one we put our energy into it and that's how it connects. Though, it is kind of awesome to think that really do have powers or psychic ability and just know it all; seeing as how pendulum work normally results in the answers you need. So to find your perfect pendulum you can go to your local magickal novelty store and by one that speaks to you or you make one! You will need string or chain, a crystal or a metal bobble or some sort that is easily attached. Make sure that what ever you use is symmetrical and mostly well balanced. You could also just as easily use a necklace that you wear often.  My personal pendulum is an amethyst at the end of a silver chain. 

~ Amaris Devona 

Curious Familiars



In the different paths of paganism the term familiars means many different things,and traditionally it was believed that the familiar (cat, dog, toad or other small animals) was inhabited by a spirit that was meant to guide the witch on her path. With shaman practices they believe that a familiar is not physical, but that they are just astrally traveling beings like spirits. These beings are meant to guide and protect the witch on her path. Other practices believed that familiars where housing the spirits of the fairies, wood sprites and dwarves! In the burning times familiars were said the be given to witches by the devil himself and meant to do the witches evil bidings!!!!!!! * WITCHY CAKLE* This....this is completely not true they only said this spread fear! Some people today have stopped carrrying the belief that familiars are inhabited by a spirit. Me on the other hand, I fully believe that my familiar Evie was a human in a past life! 

Familiars are sent to us at the moment in life that we need them. They are sent to us by the Goddess. Remember that not all animals that comes into our lives are there to stay and maybe there visiting to give you some love, guidance and healing. As Magical begins we naturally attract animals. When you find your familiar you will know, at your core you will just know, it's a feeling almost like a psychic connection. If you are seeking a familiar you can try meditating and focus on encountering your familiar. It is my belief that familiars help make our Magick stronger, they can give us more clarity and given us confidence on our paths. Having this connection to the spirits in our familiars, our life guides, it's very beautiful and empowering! 

I would like to dedicate this article to my familiars Evie my dog and Druid my cat. My little loves! 

~ Amaris Devona

Finding the Value in yourself


Not long ago my life was turned upside down in a quick moment. As a car plowed into the side of my mini van while driving my kids to school, I saw my life flash before my eyes. When the ringing in my ears subsided from the explosion of the air bag my sweet childrens voices rang out to me like a light shining in the dark. We all managed to walk away from the accident. But I still fear driving. Although it doesn't stop me, I find myself yelling at cars to stop more. Little did I know that the car accident would set off a chain reaction of events that showed me exactly who I needed in my life. 

    Until my car accident I was readily available for my daughters dance studio. I mean any time day or night! The pain I was in from the car accident took me out of commission for a week. Then some other things hit the fan. When they did I was asked to step back from the studio. It crushed me. The one thing I was looking forward to doing each day. The thing that had gotten me out of bed and moving again was gone. *snap* just like that. I was angry, hurt, sad and frustrated! Was I not good enough? Was I not doing enough? What was wrong with me?! Why didn't they want me? I had done great work! And would have kept doing it for free! I just loved working there. 

   It took some time but after a while I started to realize that it had happened for a reason. I had dreams that I was putting off. Things I wanted to do and time I wanted to spend with my family that wasn't possible when I was working there. Suddenly that was open to me. Then I remembered a reading I had done prior to the accident. The future card was a mirror card. Essentially it said that my reflection was going to become something I could be proud of. I, naively, assumed that it meant I was going to lose weight.  To my surprise I have lost weight but that isn't what makes me proud. I can now look into the mirror and say proudly I like who I see. I'm a good mother and wife. The fun, goofy aunt.  A loyal sister and friend and I am a successful business woman! None of these things would have been possible with out that car accident.  

   I wont lie. the last couple months have been hell. And the self doubt and the fear is strong. I firmly believe in everything happens for a reason. I also believe that the pain in the rear the last couple months have been mean that the sun is shinning now and bigger an better things are on their way.
With out the car accident I wouldn't have the new found time and freedom to start this very page! I wouldn't have the time to work on my businesses. I wouldn't have the time to spend with my family. When everything seems to be going wrong. Make sure you look up. I promise there is sun shine at the end of the storm. There is always a reason for the pain you're going through. Even if its not clear yet or in 10 years. One day you will understand why you experienced what you have. Its then that you realize what your value really is. It's then you realize that you are not alone. 

Always keep fighting. 

Accalia Esme


The Meaning Behind the Triquetra


The triquetra, (latin for triangle or having three sides) a symbol that has meaning to many different people in many different walks of life. I personally used to wear this as an amulet before I was brave enough to wear my pentagram. When I wore my triquetra I felt safe and potected. I later would name my cat Trinity. And the Triquetra is on my legacy book of shadows. The trinity or triquetra is mostly associated with Celtic background. However the Christians also have used and still use this symbol today. Some Christians believe that this symbol is from a time where the monks converted a pagan to the Christian path. Many Catholics and other sects of Christianity see the trinity as the Holy Trinity, representing the Father, son, and holy spirit. 

Most commonly seen with a circle encompassing the three ovals, the triquetra. For us pagans and magical beings it still has a lot of possible meanings as well! For example it can mean Mother, Maiden, Crone. Some feel it is the Earth, Sky, and Sea. And some believe that it represents Life, Death, and Re-birth. As someone who strongly believes in past lives and re-birth finding out that to many the trinity holds that meaning was very interesting! 

For quite some time the trinity has been given to lovers to convey a wish for a happy and long life. It is often referred to as the Irish Love Knot. When I was starting out in the wiccian world I loved seeing the Irish Love Knot. It can be seen with the circle as a heart instead. I always found that to be really pretty. 

The knot also resembles the Valknut. A symbol for Odin.  In Japan they refer to it as the Musubi Mitsugashiwa. It has also been found on runes in Germany.  In some depictions of the battle Goddess the Morrigan she can be seen caring a shield with the triquetra on it. The Scottish Republican Socialist movement uses the trinity on their flag. We've all seen the symbol on our favorite 90's TV show with the some famous sister witches on the cover of their book of shadows. But did you know that the recent launches of Marvels depiction of Thor on the big screens have Mjollnir with a triquetra on it too? 

We can find the triquetra in carvings and paintings as well as on weapons all the way back to the 8th century! I think it's safe to say that this symbol has some serious history and it shows no signs of slowing down. A very loved symbol and one that means so much to so many is definitely one to hold on to in your own special way! I am going to personally do some more research into the origins of this amazingly versatile symbol. Stay tuned as I dig more. It's interesting to see what symbols mean others.  Tell us what you think the triquetra means or what it means to you! How do you wear your trinity. 

Accalia Esme

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